Aries, be real with your words. After a deep and emotionally embodied eclipse weekend, the week starts out with the Moon shifting into Gemini in your area of communication. You’ll have a busy start to the week. Get organized and prioritize, so you don’t drown in your to-do’s. The Moon will meet Mercury on Monday, inviting you to slow down within the rush. Don’t forget to breathe deep throughout the day. Don’t forget to acknowledge the ones that you’re dealing with as human beings with their own life experiences and struggles. Make room for your emotions to take space within your body even when you’re taking care of business. At the end of the day, Venus enters Aries bringing some sweetness into your relationship with yourself. Tuesday brings an uplifting encounter between Jupiter and Pluto. The struggles and transformations you’ve been undergoing in your career are bringing so much beauty and expansion to your inner world.