Key Themes: Clarity, getting back on track, transformation, self-care

Aries, if September felt a little bumpy, October is likely going to feel like a breath of fresh air for you. A full moon in your sign, a whole bunch of retrogrades going direct, and a powerful eclipse in your sector of transformation… this is big!

The start of the month sees Mercury ending its retrograde (October 2nd), and stationing direct in Virgo. This takes place in your sector of wellbeing and daily routine, meaning it will be an incredible time to begin planning, organizing and generally decluttering your life. If you feel like the pace has been a little too fast as of late, now’s the time to slow things down and to get clear on your unique – and clearly defined – vision.

Just a few days later (October 8th), Pluto (the ruler of the subconscious) goes direct bring waves of clarity, peace and ease. This retrograde tends to shake up our fears and triggers, so reflect on what you’ve learned in the past months – and release anything that feels redundant. Exploring your grudges, jealousy, resentment and all that other stuff that’s easier to ignore, will be one of the most healing and transformative things you can do. Speaking of transformation, the very next day we have a full moon in your sign! This auspicious day (and days surrounding) is one to deeply honor yourself, and the journey you’re on Aries. If you feel to, journaling or other self-reflective exercises will be particularly clarifying around now! Have a think about all you’re grateful for, and what you’re ready to let go of during this next lunar cycle.

Saturn going direct on October 23 is going to make life feel that much more seamless. Obstacles may suddenly turn into blessings, and more clarity and ease will be felt – particularly when it comes to spheres like work and finances. Because this activates your sector of networking and community, this could be a cool time to enter a collaboration or new project. Stay open to new opportunities where you might be working with new people – there’s a fresh new energy here that’s full of potential.

On October 25th we’re experiencing a solar eclipse in the powerful sign of Scorpio. Because this is a ‘south-nodal’ eclipse, it could be an intense one. This kind of signature usually points to hidden shadows and repressed dynamics rising to the surface. Because eclipses affect the whole collective, be mindful of the kind of energy you’re taking in around this time. If the news makes you feel drained and terrible, switch it off for a while! That’s not selfish or cruel – nor instigates you don’t care – it’s simply self-care for yourself.

October 30th launches a new chapter of learning with Mars (which is your planetary ruler) going retrograde in Gemini until January 13 of next year. There’s no need to get too concerned with the retrograde doom and gloom, this will simply be a portal for self-reflection and growth. Because it activates your sector of mental processing, this will be a time to pay close attention to the nature of your thoughts, beliefs, and way of communicating. What no longer aligns with the person you’ve become? Maybe that’s self-critical thoughts, or a fear in vocally asserting your boundaries. Aries, working with themes over the next months will allow you to glow as the strong and beautiful being that you are!