Aries, the Scorpio New Moon on the 4th is here to remind you how change flows through your life when you’re willing to make space. Be patient with yourself. Cultivate tenderness and vulnerability. Venus and Mercury both shift energy on the 5th. Venus entering Capricorn helps you bring good vibes into your professional path and your relationship with the ones above you. Mercury entering Scorpio brings a more fluid exchange into your sexuality and intimate spaces. On the 19th, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus wants to help you feel ok with letting things die. Let your sources of security and stability transform and come anew. Expansive Sag will be swooping in at the end of the month through the Sun and Mercury. Open up to the adventures that come your way. Say yes to what excites you and challenges you to come out of your comfort zone.


If the things that used to bring me peace aren’t soothing anymore, I give myself the chance to change. I’m not fussy about wanting to feel the right kind of safety. I’m tender with my process. I know that change won’t happen unless I step out of my comfort zone.