That’s a wrap Skymates! This week starts with a Leo Moon evoking a childlike sense of excitement and renewal. Perfect, as this powerful week is the last of the astrological year. This means we’ll be experiencing both a build-up, and a beautiful sense of coming full circle. With our final Full Moon on Friday, and the Sun launching us into the new astrological year on Sunday – this week is one for tying up loose ends, reflection and gratitude. You’re shifting into a new chapter: this is the time to envision and call in the next stage of your evolution. Aries, the end of Pisces season means we’re just one week away from the month of your solar return! This means that themes mentioned above are even more potent for you. If January 1 didn’t feel like a fresh start, your energy is likely more aligned with the astrological calendar. This week ground yourself and plan your next steps, before you launch into a magical Aries season.