Eclipse time Skymates! Aries, today we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the air sign, Gemini. This eclipse means we’re looking forward: into new ways of being, existing and moving through the world. The Sagittarius-Gemini axis has so much to do with our storytelling, philosophies, beliefs and views of the world. This means that over this time we’ll be looking at the stories we’ve told ourselves in the past – that is, their accuracy and relevance in our lives today. Aries, today you’re specifically invited to consider new perspectives. All this Gemini energy reminds us that it’s only when we acknowledge life’s complexities, that we see the full picture. If there are areas where your views have become judgemental or rigid, it’s time to evolve into a more open-minded way of being. A solar eclipse is a time to look at how we’ve changed, what’s next and what we’ve outgrown.