Aries, are you sharing too much… or too little? Things heat up a little today as the Moon enters Leo, coming into friction with Mercury, Venus and Uranus – who all currently occupy the sign of Taurus. Leo rules our self-expression, our pride and childlike sense of play. When clashing with Taurus we think of the phrase ‘be careful!’ Themes of fast versus slow; impulsivity versus consistency; and risk-taking versus caution, all rise to the surface today. For you Aries, these energies are heightened as they light up your sector of individual expression. Pay close attention to the way you share with those around you. When you leave conversations, do you find you’re holding back your truth? Or are you blurting our more than you actually want to share? There’s something important in tempering this balance. Once you do, you’ll feel far more in control of your energy levels.