Aries, honor your body. Halfway through today, we’re shifting into Taurus season – as  the Sun enters Taurus, joining Venus in its home sign. For the next month, we’ll be brought more deeply into the natural world, our bodies, and the realms of sensuality. Here, Taurus reminds us of the present moment and the beauty of yin wisdom: simply being. We begin to lean towards security, quality and long-lasting value. The physical and material world starts to sparkle in a different way. Aries, this will be particularly true for you as these energies move through your sector of physical health and sensuality. Over the next weeks, pay close attention to your relationship to your body. Notice and question your motivations for the way you treat it. Are you nourishing your body simply to enhance your own productivity? To meet false societal standards of beauty? Or… are you doing so because you love, cherish and honor it for the gift that it is? Remember, accepting and loving your physicality (for the right reasons) is an important part of your self-love journey here.