Today’s energies are food for the soul Skymates. Aries, the moon in your sign comes into harmonious connections with Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Lighting up your sector of identity, this is a particularly powerful transit for you. Here, the collective experiences harmony between our innermost cores and the world outside us, our communication, sense of abundance and love. Things might start clicking into place, feeling inspired or simply clear. We’ll be feeling grateful, renewed and aware of boundless opportunities on the horizon. Aries, this is one of those days which feel unexplainably light. If you surrender to the universe, you’ll be carried with ease. Listen carefully to your impulses and roll with them. If you feel the need to rest, do so. If getting active feels better right now, go for it. Enjoy your day’s activities with a sense of active presence, mindfulness and gratitude. Things have been a little chaotic lately, but it’s all good. You’re doing great.