This Pisces Season is especially potent with it’s two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, swimming in their familiar waters. So much is going on, it’s so easy to get lost in the outside chatter. But, what if we turned fear into love? What if we tune out the chatter and trust the voice of our intuition? Remember that the word love is at the center of revolution. Love is the revolution. Aquarius, this wknd, just relax. You may feel the desire to do certain things, like start a passion project or a new relationship, but you most likely don’t have the strength to take it on right now. It’s ok. You’re processing so much, even if you realize it or not. Once Venus and Mars move into your first house of initiation in about a week, you’ll have all the energy and focus you need to conquer your desires. For now, make sure you’re being serious about your rest.