As the Lunar Eclipse approaches, it’s important that all skymates practice patience and ease their way into this eventful weekend. Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, shifts direct in Pisces this Saturday, after five-months being retrograde. Love and creativity will feel more appealing for us as a collective, and Neptune’s direct movement will encourage us to dream more, and stress less. Aquarius, what would it take for you to quiet your mind and let your soul take the lead? You’ve been dreaming of a new adventure, be it romantically, creatively or professionally. But you’ve been overthinking it, when the answer to what you’re asking for is most likely right in front of you. Your next boo, or deepened love bond, is closer than you think. This weekend, you’re being asked to trust in the manifestation of what you desire. That means taking a break from the more intellectual way of looking at life, and stepping into the spiritual way of attracting what you want to you. Watch the visual for “Love Mantra” by Dossé-Via as cosmic inspiration, and see what happens.