Aquarius, you have a green light. We have a major few days coming up with Pluto retrograde stationing direct, right before we experience our powerful Aries Full Moon. This moon could feel kind of intense, as it meets with Chiron (the asteroid of our deepest wounds). This powerful cosmic signature reminds us that we’re all on a healing journey. Nothing in life is ‘perfect,’ nor is it meant to be. Rather, the hidden perfection is in the fact that we are always evolving and flowing with the seasons and cycles. Aquarius, because this moon is harmoniously connecting with Saturn in your sign… you’re offered a unique opportunity of lightness and expansion. Pay close attention to any epiphanies, downloads or ideas you have – especially regarding your next steps towards your dream life. This will also be a good time to reflect on your last lunar cycle, what you’ve learned, and what you’ll do differently in this new one.