Aquarius, connection is in the air. We’re now a few days away from the new astro year, and the magic is turning up a notch. This weekend, Venus is forming a harmonious sextile to Saturn in Pisces, creating a dreamy and ethereal lens. You’ll likely feel this as heightened gratitude for the life you’ve created – whether that’s because of the people, place, work, pets, kids – or all of the above. With the Moon in your sign, you’re being invited to bring a more broadened awareness of love into your exchanges and moments. Love doesn’t always have to be as obvious as gifts or direct words. This weekend, try and heighten your sensitivity to the loving energy that fills the space around you. It’s easier to be both receptive, and generous from here. Keep this up and your next cosmic (twelve-month) cycle will be more filled with beauty than you can imagine. Love that for you.