Aquarius, the New Moon is happening on Wednesday in your area of resources. But before it does, Mercury and Saturn meet in Aquarius, reminding you that your inner dialogue can make or break you. So, spend time cultivating your sense of self-worth. The New Moon in Pisces wants you to spend your resources on your healing, on the things that get you closer to the ones you love, on the things that provide connections. This is where true abundance lies. On Thursday, Mars and Venus both join Pluto, and invite you to take a break. A nap well taken can lead to the kind of renewal that gets you back on your feet and going towards the things you truly desire. The Sun joins Jupiter on Saturday, highlighting the joy available for you in transforming your creative insights into wealth. Mars and Venus then enter Aquarius and come into an exact union for the third time on Sunday. Shining a light on your need for freedom and individuality when it comes to your identity.