Aquarius, this isn’t an easy week, with stern Saturn and unpredictable Uranus clashing with Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. You have all the energy you need to put your goals in motion. You’re setting out the short term plans that will help you manifest your long term goals. Mid-week, Saturn faces you with how much of yourself you can actually bring into your projects. You aren’t a machine. You know you can do it all, but it may be wise to rearrange the deadlines if it’s taking a toll on your energy levels. Venus in Capricorn lends a hand, by helping you sink deep into your hidden chambers and your deepest needs. Rest will be important for you to be able to tackle your goals with clarity and focus. At the end of the week Uranus has its say, by pointing your attention to the stability needed in your home in order for you to make it all happen.