Aquarius, there’s a lot of energy unfolding in the cosmos over the next few days, and you’re here for it. First up is a Virgo Full Moon. Because this potent moon activates your sector of deep transformation and healing – you’ll likely feel drawn to your emotions and inner world. Carve out time and space for reflection, because if there were ever time for an emotional release, it would be with the last full moon of the astrological year. Cry, laugh, share, or write it all out – whatever feels natural and healing for you. At the same time we have Saturn moving out of your sign, for the first time in approximately 2.5 years. Activating your sector of identity and sovereignty… if this chapter felt like a huge initiation, it’s because it was. It’ll be worth looking back on this time (think 2020 onwards), and the ways you’ve grown Aquarius. Celebrate yourself.