Aquarius, we’re about to see the Moon enter its home sign of Cancer, where it forms a harmonious connection with Venus, in the grounding sign of Taurus. These earthy and introspective energies will feel like a big exhale for you Aquarius. They’re the perfect antidote to some of the more intense vibes that arose with the eclipses. We’re about to enter Saturn retrograde in your sign, so this may be the necessary time to rejuvenate and restore yourself, before we head into more opportunities for growth. If you feel so inclined – use the next few days to engage with activities that make your heart full; whether this means getting a massage, playing with your pet, or venting via voice messages to a loved one. You may be feeling the call to spend time alone and in your world. If so, honor that. The more filled up your cup is, the more it will overflow with love into the world.