Aquarius, as we move closer to a big tension between Saturn (in your sign) and the moon’s nodes, you may be feeling a little restless and off balance. With the moon shifting into its home sign (Cancer), you’re provided the perfect remedy – in the form of somatic healing. Try to (where possible) slow down your thoughts, and shift your focus into simply being within your body. This will enable you to slow down, reset and ground your nervous system – doing wonders for your sleep, digestion and overall mental health. Body-oriented practices like walking, yoga, bathing, saunas, or will be particularly powerful for you in the next few days. Notice any and all activities that enable you to temporarily switch off your thoughts. This could be anything from an adult coloring book, to playing an instrument. Tip: regaining a true sense of balance and clarity will be the greatest gift and chance you can give yourself, on your journey forward.