Key Themes: rediscovering yourself, rediscovering your life path, coming into your wellness practices and the rituals that keep you grounded, nurturing yourself and your loved ones

Dear Aquarius, this is a year of transition, with the eclipses having shifted signs, and Pluto going in and out of your sign until it finally settles there for the next 20 years at the beginning for 2024. The month of May begins with Pluto going retrograde on the 1st for the next 5 months, where it will begin to make its way back into Capricorn. Before it moves out of your area of self-discovery and back into the sign of the sea goat for the last time in our lifetime, work on easing into the vulnerability that comes with deep transformation. Trust the process even if you don’t understand it fully.

We are in the midst of eclipse season, with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio happening on May 5th in your area of career and long-term goals. You may be feeling stuck when it comes to your professional pursuits and your life direction. Something is transforming, and it’s deep. It may feel daunting for a while, but a new career horizon is just around the corner. Be patient. In the meantime, reach out to the people you feel like working with, or the ones who can connect you with the kinds of opportunities you’re looking for.

Venus has been in the sign of play, communication and interconnection for the past 4 weeks, and on May 7th it will shift into the nurturing sign of Cancer, where it’ll have us yearning for the people and the places that feel like home for the following 4 weeks. Happening in your area of work and wellness routines, Venus will urge you to nurture yourself, to not work yourself to the bone, to not burn yourself out. Know when to delegate. Honor your process. Find what feels good. Implement the rituals and practices that make your daily grind more enjoyable. Find ways to bring pleasure into your work so you don’t have to wait until the end of the day to feel good.

Mercury will finally go direct on the 14th, after taking you through a review during the past 3 weeks of what home means for you, and how you’re communicating with your family and housemates. Now as it goes direct in the sign of Taurus, tap into the pleasure of connecting with your roots, your ancestors, and the land where you come from or the one that currently houses you. Practice new and more uplifting ways of communication your feelings, desires and love to your family members. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed about the to-do’s within your home. Try to be practical, take things one step at a time and prioritize.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is entering Taurus, the sign of earthly pleasure, on the 16th, and the first thing it does once it gets there is have a tense meet up with Pluto in Aquarius. This transit will serve as a reminder that our lack of wealth has nothing to do with us personally. It’s past time we stop buying to the manifestation discourse. It’s past time we realize that we’re living in a system that’s rigged to make it impossible for all to succeed or even make a dignified living. So know that your worth has absolutely nothing to do with your financial sustenance or your social status. You are worthy just as you are, dear Aquarius.

For you, this year to come will be about deepening and strengthening your root and your sense of groundedness and belonging in the world. It’ll be a good time to explore your family tree. To connect to the rituals your ancestors used to do. To visit your home land if you’re faraway. To learn how to make your grandma’s recipe. If your thinking about moving to a new home, city or country, it’ll most likely happen for you.

On the 20th, the Sun moves out of Taurus making way for Gemini Season. This is the season that reminds us of the power of our words and our interactions. So don’t underestimate what you communicate, to others and also to yourself. This time of the year serves as an invitation to put joy at the center of your days. This season serves as a reminder of the healing power available when you come into contact with your pleasure. Give yourself permission to just enjoy, unapologetically.