Aquarius, it’s time to feel. At 7.43am EST the moon leaves inquisitive and airy Gemini to enter its home sign in nurturing, watery Cancer. We’ll all notice emotional undertones coming to the surface with a very distinctive potency. From here, the feels will only amplify with the moon coming conjunct with the lunar north node at 12.49pm. Any planet crossing the lunar north node becomes intensified, so it’s likely our feelings of vulnerability will become even more heightened. Aquarius, you may feel like you want to be alone today and if this is the case, make it happen. Very often the best voice of guidance for ourselves, is our own. Today, pay close attention to your emotions and trace them back to their source. What areas in your life are causing you joy, pain, worry or bliss? It’s time to use these planetary energies to take inventory on the patterns which serve you, and those which do not.