Skymates, let’s talk Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrogrades are for sorting out details, and this one has a particular influence on our social networks. Mercury is about to conjoin Venus tomorrow, so the messenger planet will likely inspire a loving download. It’s worth checking in with ourselves, as we’re up to the last chapter of this retrograde (before it goes direct on Feb 20th). Aquarius, this retrograde takes place within the sector of your identity. You’re experiencing shifts within the deepest essence of who you are, the very core of your nature. You might have been feeling a little ‘off’ in the last few weeks, but that’s about to shift. It’s so important that we continue to grow, evolve and adapt – even the parts of us which seem unmoving. Trust into the flow of the next few weeks and know that you will emerge as a stronger, wiser version of you. It will be a great time to do some journaling if you feel so inclined.