@KnowVirgo Daily Scope 1.27.21

Skymates, for the past few weeks Venus, the Planet of Love, has been in the grounded sign of Capricorn, teaching us how to cultivate more patience when it comes to love and money. Now that we’re in the final stretch of this transit, we may be reflecting on key themes Venus helped us learn this month. Virgo, as we’re approaching your ruler Mercury’s retrograde as well as the Leo Full Moon in your spirituality sector, it may be tempting for you to run away from necessary conversations with key people in your life. But you shouldn’t do that. Push through the discomfort and allow yourself to be fully seen and heard today, even if it makes you feel vulnerable. You’re on the brink of an emotional breakthrough.

@KnowVirgo Daily Scope 1.26.21

Today’s astrological weather is charged with electric, rebellious energy. It may be more challenging to focus on  every day tasks — all signs will be feeling an urge to break free from the status quo. Specifically for you, Virgo, with your sector of friendship and tech activated by the Cancer Moon, you may decide to do a social media cleanse and truly evaluate the content that you consume on the daily. You’re already a selective person, but today you may intuitively know which pages you actually feel the most resonant with, and which ones you may have outgrown. Let the mute or unfollow button be your friend, because you’re welcoming in fresh, dynamic energy that’s tailored to the new self you’re morphing into.

@KnowVirgo Daily Scope 1.25.21

The Moon starts off void in Gemini this morning, making it an ideal time to tie up loose ends on fun tasks rather than start something new. Then once the Moon shifts into Cancer later today, we’ll collectively be feeling heightened sensitivity and emotion. Virgo, you may be feeling sentimental about a friendship or digital connection. Perhaps you’ve understood the depths of that connection while others have seemed aloof. Instead of trying to prove your worth, stay focused on your own journey, and keep doing what you love. Soon enough, those who didn’t know how to express your value will be eagerly running to your side. But you’ll only be interested in those who have seen your value all along.

@KnowVirgo Wknd Scopes 1.23 – 1.24

With Mars and Jupiter having recently squared off with each other, and the Moon being in Gemini as the weekend begins, we may collectively feel like there’s so much we want to do this weekend. But it’s important for us to focus on what truly matters. Virgo, you’ll be feeling more social and extraverted for most of this weekend. It’s the final weekend before your ruler Mercury begins its retrograde, so try to handle any administrative paperwork or practical tasks in the next few days while your mind and spirit are feeling sharp. Starting next weekend, you’ll be in the mood to be in hibernation mode. Know that even though the year’s had its share of speedbumps already, they’re happening so that you’re not rushing into new projects or relationships without truly checking in with yourself and knowing that it’s what you want.

@KnowVirgo Daily Scope 1.22.21

With the asteroid Ceres making a square to the lunar nodes today, we are being asked to make sure we’re not overextending ourselves in the name of generosity. It’s important to give to others, but it’s also essential to make room to receive. Virgo, you are so loving, often in ways that people don’t notice until much later, because you operate mostly behind the scenes. But a part of you craves to feel more seen and more appreciated. This would be a powerful day to journal what that specifically means and looks like, and then, if you can, start to vocalize those needs to those around you. I know it may feel vulnerable, but not everyone is a mind-reader like you are. “Ask and you shall receive.”

@KnowVirgo Daily Scope 1.21.21

Today the Moon and Mars align in Taurus, and that can collectively bring out our stubborn sides, as well as our desires to pursue our inner passions. Then later the Moon and Jupiter conflict, asking us to make sure we’re not stretching ourselves too thin. Virgo, you may feel the need to be ultra productive today, but if you take it too far you’ll end up feeling burnt out and resentful. It’s therefore best for you to focus on restorative practices like meditation, yoga, stretching and deep breathing. This will replenish your spirit and give you the energy needed to tackle your long-term endeavors.