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@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 2.13.20

We’re 3 days away from the first Mercury Retrograde of 2020, and there’s nothing to freak out about. Literally nothing. This is our cosmic reminder that we should be getting enough rest, cause the retrograde will collectively make us sleepier, dreamier and freakier. Sag, you have come alive with Mars in your sign these past … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 2.12.20

The Moon in Libra is here to help us collectively chill out. There’s no point of worrying about situations that haven’t even happened. Sag, understand that not everyone will be as excited about certain projects or ideas as you can be, because life is full of infinite projects and ideas, and you can sometimes get … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 2.11.20

The Moon spends most of the day in Virgo, before entering Libra later today. It aligns with Mars in Sag, making focusing on both organization and adventure a priority in our lives. Sag, your career is on your mind today as you envision ways to invite more structure and routine in your life. But with … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Wknd Scopes 2.1 – 2.2

The first weekend of February begins with the Moon in grounded Taurus, helping us collectively focus on life’s more practical concerns. It’s a good time to slow down and assess our priorities for this new month. Sag, your sector of health, work and wellness is activated this weekend, and this helps you get a head … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.31.20

The Aries Moon continues to encourage us to collectively have courage, persevere against all odds, and celebrate how dope we individually are. Sag, today should be about having fun and celebrating your livelihood. It’s a good day to go out or throw a kickback at your place. People will be drawn to your magnetic energy … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.30.20

Today Jupiter in Capricorn makes a square to the Aries Moon, encouraging us all to find a balance between our need to take action, and the strength that exists in remaining still. Sag, you may find yourself trying to find a solution to a financial problem. Try not to view it as a problem, but … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.29.20

These final 3 days before the months ends are relatively chill astrologically speaking. We should collectively focus on releasing any angst or stress that came from yesterday’s planetary squares. Sag, your home and family is on your mind today. Have you been pushing people away as a way to heal? That’s valid. Just make sure … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.28.20

Today the Moon squares both Neptune and Mars, making us collectively feel a battle between our intuition and our actions. Sag, you may find it challenging to focus on anything mundane or routine today. You’re in the mood to dream, to explore your relationships, and to throw caution to the wind. Find ways to infuse … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.27.20

The Moon has shifted into Pisces as the week begins, making today’s vibe feel more sensitive, intuitive, and nostalgic. Instead of solely focusing on practical concerns, we should collectively tap into our emotional nature. Sag, you’ll find yourself thinking of your home and what makes you feel most emotionally secure today. Even though you love … Continued

@KnowSagittaius Wknd Scopes 1.25 – 1.26

The world is full of possibility, Sag. The new moon in Aquarius has just occurred and is helping you think of ways to shake up your lifestyle and be more committed to your passion projects. The key is to simplify, minimize and be more selective with what you give your time and attention to. Spend … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.24.20

Happy New Moon in Aquarius, skymates! Today at 4:42pm EST, the first New Moon of 2020 takes place, ushering in a six-month cycle full of innovative, out-of-this-world possibilities for our collective ascension. Sag, you’ve been finding it hard to communicate your true thoughts lately, because the eclipses have been so destabilising that you’re trying to … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.23.20

We’re one day away from the first New Moon of 2020. It’s going to be a pretty existential one because it’s taking place in the sign of Aquarius, and will help us collectively awaken and step out of the vortex. Sag, you may find it hard to stay committed to a certain project today, because … Continued