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@KnowSagittaius Wknd Scopes 1.25 – 1.26

The world is full of possibility, Sag. The new moon in Aquarius has just occurred and is helping you think of ways to shake up your lifestyle and be more committed to your passion projects. The key is to simplify, minimize and be more selective with what you give your time and attention to. Spend … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.24.20

Happy New Moon in Aquarius, skymates! Today at 4:42pm EST, the first New Moon of 2020 takes place, ushering in a six-month cycle full of innovative, out-of-this-world possibilities for our collective ascension. Sag, you’ve been finding it hard to communicate your true thoughts lately, because the eclipses have been so destabilising that you’re trying to … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.23.20

We’re one day away from the first New Moon of 2020. It’s going to be a pretty existential one because it’s taking place in the sign of Aquarius, and will help us collectively awaken and step out of the vortex. Sag, you may find it hard to stay committed to a certain project today, because … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.22.20

The Moon has shifted into Capricorn, and when we blend that energy with the Aquarius Sun, we’ll find ourselves wanting to broaden our horizons while feeling grounded at the same time — life may feel like a contradiction, and that’s okay. Sag, your money and wealth sector is activated today, and you’re encouraged to look … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.21.20

We are in the dark-of-the-moon period, which are the days before a New Moon where cosmic junk comes to the surface of our lives, asking to be cleared out. We must collectively focus on what must be released before we even think of setting new intentions. Sag, you may be in a less social mood … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.20.20

The Sun shifts out of grounded Capricorn and enters airy Aquarius for the next four weeks. Life is going to become more intellectually-focused, as we collectively seek ways to improve ourselves, and therefore the world. Sag, your communication sector is activated by Aquarius Season, making this a great time to assert your needs in a … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Wknd Scopes 1.18 – 1.19

This is a great time to seek solitude, Sag. The wknd starts out with the Moon in the deep and transformative sign of Scorpio, and on Sunday afternoon it shifts to the more expansive and optimistic sign of Sag. Mercury aligns with Uranus, offering us the opportunity to change something about the way we see … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.17.20

Trust life today, Sag. Mercury comes into an uplifting alignment with Chiron, making it a great time to pay close attention to your ideas and any insights that come your way. Your mind will be brighter, so don’t discard your visions, for they may have hidden messages that are worth looking into. These are a … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.16.20

Seek to learn something new about the people in your life today, Sag. The Moon hangs out in the flirty sign of Libra. Mercury enters the eccentric sign of Aquarius, making the next 17 days about the flow of synchronicity. There just might be surprises waiting around the corner, so watch out for exceptional encounters … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.15.20

Go beyond your limitations today, Sag. The Moon enters the balancing sign of Libra this morning. Venus comes to an uplifting alignment with Uranus, inviting us to lovingly dare to embody our authentic nature no matter what it opposes, no matter what we will have to leave behind. It’s time to come alive. This is … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.14.20

Use your power constructively today, Sag. The Moon hangs out in the diligent sign of Virgo and opposes Neptune. This is an invitation to stretch beyond your own point of view in order to see what we all have in common. How can we stretch our boundaries in order to make way for earth evolution … Continued

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.13.20

Dream big today, Sag. We’re still in the midst of the Saturn/Pluto union, reverberating in its power, in its need for change, and in its invitation to fully embody our authentic self. Venus enters Pisces and brings love into the mix. Wake up to your ability to expand love and to shift the personal into … Continued