Know yourself.

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 5.8.19

The Moon has entered the sensitive and intuitive sign of Cancer for the next 2.5 days. Collectively we’ll be able to tune into what our soul needs to feel at ease. Pisces, this is a powerful time to work releasing an old wound that keeps popping up. You’ve evolved tremendously since the beginning of the … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 5.7.19

Today’s Venus-Saturn square may have us feeling conflicted between the intimacy we want to feel with people, and the lack of security we may feel within ourselves. It’s important for us to collectively focus on being the love we wish to receive. Pisces, you know how much of an idealist you can be in love, … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 5.6.19

The Moon has entered airy Gemini, breathing lightness and spontaneity into this post-New Moon week. It’s a great time to collectively breathe easy and set our intentions. Pisces, try not to take yourself or others too seriously right now. Start off the week with a spirit of gratitude and prosperity. Have fun daydreaming of your … Continued

@KnowPisces Wknd Scopes 5.4 – 5.5

Develop mental rapport with others this weekend, Pisces. This New Moon in Taurus brings with it a beautifully grounding feeling, and will be encouraging us to review our routines to see where we can create more love, joy, and support for our day to day life. Take time to create healthy and balancing habits, and … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 5.3.19

Connect with your value system today, Pisces. The day starts out in a direct and fiery kind of mood and finishes off in more grounded and serene tone. We can begin to prepare for tomorrow’s New Moon by tapping into our body’s needs and planning our weekend around them. Let your body speak to you … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 5.2.19

Speak from your sense of self worth today, Pisces. Mercury aligns with deep Pluto and expansive Jupiter, reminding us that the truth is out there to be claimed. Conjure up your real truth, beyond the ego and the surface layers, even if it hurts or feels uncomfortable. Own it and love it. If you’re currently … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 5.1.19

Connect with your inner child today, Pisces. The Moon enters the forward moving sign of Aries, while Mercury aligns with Mars and Saturn. Today is about learning to move forward at a steady pace, while following your core essence. Listen closely, where is it trying to take you? What is it holding you back from? … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 4.30.19

Get in touch with your individual expression today, Pisces. Saturn merges with the South Node,  so our personal karma may come up against larger karmic themes. It’s important that we refrain from self-accusation and giving into illusion. So much karmic clearing is available, bringing with it the possibility of radical renewal. Surround yourself around those … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 4.29.19

Find space to express your feelings today, Pisces. The Moon is in your dreamy sign, while Saturn begins its retrograde motion for the next five months. Saturn in Capricorn has brought to awareness the fact that we can come into our greatest version as long as we’re willing to put the work. This is a … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 4.26.19

The Moon has shifted into Aquarius, so this weekend’s vibes will feel revolutionary, airy, and community-oriented. Pisces, you’ll find yourself very inspired by what’s around and within you, making it the perfect time to find a muse to merge with. You have so many ideas and visions that exist in your mind — it’s time … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 4.25.19

Today the Moon in Capricorn aligns with both Saturn, Planet of Challenge, and Pluto, Planet of Transformation. This indicates that humanity is allowing itself to acknowledge and observe its shadow side, without denying its existence. Each human on Earth must be the energy they wish to receive. Pisces, you of all people know how important … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 4.24.19

Pluto, the Planet of Rebirth and Transformation, goes retrograde in the sign of Capricorn today. It will remain retrograde until October 2, 2019. Pluto retrograde has a subconscious effect on the collective consciousness. These next 5 months, what’s hidden will come to light. What does that mean for you, Pisces? You love digging deep into … Continued