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@KnowPisces Daily Scope 10.1.19

Happy October! With the Moon in Scorpio aligning with Neptune in Pisces as the month begins, it’s a powerful time to have soul-stirring discussions as a collective. This is the time to be honest and transparent about our intentions. Pisces, you’re feeling all the feels as the month begins. You may need to have a … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 9.30.19

The last day of September is imbued with passion, depth and sensitivity as the Moon hangs out in Scorpio and the Sun chills in Libra. We’re collectively feeling more emotional and creative. Pisces, this is an ideal day to get lost in your imagination and create / do something orgasmic. Your sensuality is deepening, and … Continued

@KnowPisces Wknd Scopes 9.28 – 9.29

The Libra New Moon takes place at 2:26pm EST, activating a collective fresh start in the realm of relationships, harmony, creativity and what we view as balanced and beautiful. Pisces, this weekend take a break from diving into your latest self-help book or making yourself do an energy cleanse. Sometimes you’re so focused on being … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 9.27.19

The Libra New Moon takes place tomorrow, which means we’re at the peak of the dark of the moon period. This is a good time for us to collectively tie up loose ends — wait til tomorrow before initiating anything new. Pisces, you may have recently been caught up in your own world and not … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 9.26.19

Now that the Moon’s shifted into Virgo, we are collectively purging what’s nonessential in preparation for the Libra New Moon taking place Saturday. Prioritizing our spiritual & physical health helps the world heal as a whole. Pisces, your partnership sector is activated by this lunar transit, helping you look at your relationships more practically and … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 9.25.19

We are 3 days away from the Libra New Moon, so it’s a great time to take stock of what’s been distracting us and what we should be paying more attention to. Pisces, don’t let anyone tell you you’re too sensitive or emotional. You were built this way for a reason, and you shouldn’t feel … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 9.24.19

The Moon has entered fiery Leo for the next 2.5 days, making it a powerful time for humanity to pursue our passions, explore our creativity, and open our hearts to love. Pisces, it’s important for you to put yourself out there today. You have been a bit of a hermit lately, and that’s a necessary … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 9.23.19

Happy September Equinox! It’s officially Libra Season, which means summer’s over in the northern hemisphere and it’s time for us to collectively step into a new consciousness. Pisces, allow your creativity to shine through, and your sensuality to be ignited during Libra season. Your sector of depth and intimacy  is activated, which means you’re more in … Continued

@KnowPisces Wknd Scopes 9.21 – 9.22

Get in touch with what you need in order to feel at home within yourself this wknd, Pisces. We start the wknd on an expressive and versatile note with the Moon in Gemini, and by Sunday we head into more of an intuitive and inwardly mood with the Moon in Cancer. Mercury aligns with Saturn, … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 9.20.19

Pay attention to your emotions today, Pisces. The Moon hangs out in the eager sign of Gemini, while the Sun aligns with Vesta, inviting us to let go of the fearful need for security. It asks us instead, to trust the stability and security available in surrendering to the power of our body and the … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 9.19.19

Be present in the here and now today, Pisces. The day starts out in a stable and grounding mood with the Moon in Taurus and ends off on more of an active and curious note when the Moon enters Gemini. Mars aligns with Pluto, intensifying our willpower, and activating the urge to stand our ground. … Continued

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 9.18.19

Engage with your environment today, Pisces. The Moon hangs out in the dependable sign of Taurus, and as Saturn goes direct, pressure is released in the area where we house Capricorn in our chart. This movement is about tapping into a way of life that relinquishes past customs and ushers us far beyond the way … Continued