@KnowPisces Daily Scope 10.20.20

Pisces, what’re your dreams? Today the collective will feel a harmoniously fiery aspect, as the Moon in your sign trines Mars who retrogrades through Aries. We might suddenly see the way forward: our life dreams may start turning into clear, actionable steps. Or, this might look like the desires of your inner world coming fusing together with a newfound sense of motivation… Pisces, for you this looks like divine clarity. Ask the universe any questions you have, tune into your intuitive guidance and listen closely to any messages you receive.

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 10.19.20

Pisces, are you on your soul path? Today, as Mercury retrogrades through Scorpio, it comes into an opposition with Uranus. This means the day could carry a lightning shock type energy, as we see themes of exposure and skeletons coming out of the closet. We might experience an upheaval in our lives, or we could subtly notice truths that always lay beneath the surface… Pisces, for you this all takes place in your sector of ‘life purpose.’ You’re already aware that each step you take contributes to the much larger, divine purpose of your story. Today ask yourself, am I connected to this story? Tools like meditation, journaling and connecting with nature can help you here.

@KnowPisces Wknd Scopes 10.17 – 10.18

The Moon is in Scorpio this weekend, allowing us to take time to absorb the enlightening vibes of the recent Libra New Moon. Remember that being conscious with oneself and nourishing one’s soul is an intention in itself. Pisces, you’ll be feeling quite sensual and erotic under the Scorpio Moon this weekend. People may feel magnetically drawn to your energy for this reason, and you may have fun flirting with people, mesmerizing both them and yourself with your intoxicating energy. Just be clear that Mercury’s retrograde and people can easily get swept up in your fantasies… No need to lead people on if you’re just looking to have fun. If you’re already boo’d up, explore sexual fantasies with each other and deepen your vulnerability to each other.

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 10.16.20

Today’s Libra New Moon takes place at 3:31pm EST, and it activates a six-month cycle of creating more harmony and equilibrium within ourselves and our relationships. Take time to set new moon intentions this weekend regarding how you’d like to consistently feel six months from now. Pisces, you’re feeling dreamy today, and this New Moon could have you in the mood to switch up your style or take a break from your usual routine. Let yourself play with the possibility of recreating yourself. Mercury may be retrograde, but your imagination is activated, and visions from your past may come pouring in as divine inspiration, pointing you to where you really want to go, and who you truly want to be. Listen, and trust yourself.

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 10.15.20

The Moon has entered Libra, where it’ll remain for the next 2.5 days, and we’re 1 day away from the Libra New Moon. The best thing for all of us to do now is rest as we get ready for a fresh lunar cycle and an exciting period of setting intentions. Pisces, focus on one thing you can do today that helps ground you amidst this more restless energy. It could be responding to an email you’ve put off for a while, or calling up a coach to help you feel more structured financially. By breaking larger dreams into manageable action items, you’re successfully reparenting yourself and finding new ways to reach your goals with ease.

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 10.14.20

Today the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces, and this encourages us to collectively find a balance between practicality and sensitivity. How can we make room to honor both of these essential vibes in our lives? Pisces, you’ll feel a sudden urge to organize certain aspects of your life in order to simplify your daily routine. The Virgo Moon helps you weed out the nonessentials and distance yourself from unnecessary distractions. At the same time, if you’ve been working hard lately, this planetary aspect can encourage you to indulge in more imaginative, dreamy pursuits. Create harmony in the best way you can.