@KnowPisces Daily Scope 1.20.21

Today’s astrologically charged weather encourages us to lay low, meditate, and take frequent breaks from technology — even if that seems counterproductive. With Mars and Uranus energizing the cosmos, power struggles with oneself or others are likely. Pisces, if you need some time on your own, without being other people’s emotional support system, this would be a great day to practice setting boundaries. The New Moon energy is still quite strong, so being able to know when you can’t give any more of your energy to others will be healing as you fully embrace the fresh start this year wants to gift you.

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 1.19.21

Happy Aquarius season Skymates! Pisces, today the Sun leaves the structure-seeking sign of Capricorn to enter the innovative and free-spirited energy of Aquarius. This month will help us to align even more with the energy of the Aquarian Age. It’s time to challenge the status quo, within ourselves, within our families, within our groups, and out in the world. Pisces, this month is about closure. It’s about tapping into your spiritual journey. It’s about allowing yourself to take things slow and to sink into your emotional body. So try not to set up too many meetings and appointments, only the ones that are truly vital. Leave your calendar open and go with the flow of the moment.

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 1.18.21

Our emotional world is on fire today with the Moon hanging out in the assertive sign of Aries. It unites with Chiron, the wounded healer, helping us to connect with the painful experiences through which we have the power to help heal others and the world. As a collective we’re experiencing so much shadow, ones of the best things we can do is to deepen into our own shadow in order to help bring light to the darkest spaces of collective consciousness. Pisces, it’s time to stop putting your energy into what you don’t care much about. If you care about connecting with the people you love, do that. If you care about a certain craft, do that. If you care about taking care of your home or your work projects, do that. Do whatever gives you joy.

@KnowPisces Wknd Scopes 1.16 – 1.17

The Moon spends the wknd in the empathic sign of Pisces, and on Sunday, Jupiter, the wise, comes into a tense alignment to Uranus, the awakener. So much is happening on a social scale, things seem surreal, it feels like the stability we once knew can slip away from us at any moment. Let’s take this as a call to build more and more stability within ourselves and within our support groups. Pisces, the Moon is shining on you his wknd. You’re being reminded that you have the power to make the shifts you’ve been dreaming of. Nothing needs to be different on the outside -job, relationships, financial and living situation- nothing. You’ve already got all you need. It’s in your power to activate it.

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 1.15.21

The Moon will be void until 5:17pm EST when it enters the dreamy sign of Pisces. This is not a good day to stress out with work, you’ll most likely find yourself pushing for something and not getting much of a result. If you can, move on to something more relaxing, have a long coffee break, spend time chatting and getting to know your work mates, get off work early. Pisces, look into how the actions of your groups and communities impact you. Look into what you expect from them. You love to give, but it’s important that you know who you’re giving to and why. Don’t let your energy go to waste. Make your offerings matter.

@KnowPisces Daily Scope 1.14.21

Uranus, the awakener, stations to go direct today after being retrograde for the past five months, activating even more of the energy that is ushering in the Aquarian Age. Expect more of the unexpected to continue to wake us up on a molecular level. Uranus wants us to value our self-worth and that of our peers over all else. The Sun and Pluto unite bringing in waves of intensity, tap into our personal power without giving into power struggles. Pisces, it’s time to embrace inevitable change in your sector of communication and exchange and to bring more freedom into this area of your life. You’re finding new ways to communicate and express yourself. This is about being authentic. It’s about being real and present with whatever shows up to meet you.