@KnowAquarius June ’21 Scope

With your ruler Saturn retrograde in your sign all month, Aquarius, allow yourself to bask in the depths of introversion and seclusion, particularly during the first 10 days of the month, when Mars, the Planet of Action, rounds out its time in Cancer. Then once Mars enters Leo on the 11th, your partnership sector will be activated and you may find yourself ready to heal alongside someone who makes you laugh and smile. Life’s about balance, Water Bearer. Be less extreme in your decisions.

@KnowAquarius May ’21 Scope

Your planetary ruler begins its retrograde in your sign on May 23, and Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, shifts out of your sign on May 13, to enter Pisces for six weeks. This will feel like a major wake-up call for you — but ironically it will encourage you to sleep more! Jupiter in Pisces will activate your security sector, teaching you that nurturing your emotional needs and not putting them on the back-burner. This may mean having honest conversations with yourself about ways you may have neglected your own sensitivity in the pursuit of more tangible goals. Balance the physical & spiritual.

@KnowAquarius April ’21 Scope

Pluto’s about to go retrograde in Capricorn on the 27th, and this will activate your spirituality sector. By month’s end, particularly around the Scorpio Full Moon, you may decide to go into hermit mode. Use the first three weeks of the month to kickstart passion projects into high gear and complete major initiatives. That way you can rest without anxiety once the full moon and Pluto Retrograde arrive.