@KnowLibra Daily Scope 10.29.20

The Moon hangs out in the impulsive sign of Aries and unites with Mars. You’ll feel daring, you’ll feel the need to stretch your boundaries. And this is what you should do, but on an inner level. Dare to tap in with the truth you so deeply hold, have the courage to stretch your limits in order to let more courage in. Libra, past arguments or unresolved issues with partners may resurface now. Try not to let your anger get the best of you. Be vulnerable about what you feel, and understand that they might be going through a tough time as well.

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 10.28.20

Venus enters the flirty sign of Libra where it feels freer and more comfortable, but where it will encounter some intense aspects on its three and a half week journey. You’ll be more invested in your relationships, but challenges will come up. Use this time to become more honest about how you partner with others. It’s also a nice time to bring more awareness to how you spend your time and money. Libra, feel the love. Venus in your sign is all about letting yourself be vulnerable to your feelings and to the love that others want to give you. Remain open, give of yourself and enjoy. Open up to pleasurable interchange in your relationships.

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 10.27.20

Mercury re-enters your balance-seeking sign, Libra. We’ll be reviewing where we were during Sept. 23rd to 27th. What was going on in your life regarding your intimate relationships, and regarding justice and balance? What do you need to bring into balance within and without you in order to face the challenges that are yet to come in your life and in the world at large? Libra, make sure to act from your intuition these next few days, and not from an impulsive and reckless space. It’s important that you say the things you feel you’ve gotta say, but the way you go about this matters. If it’s hard for you to come from a place of centeredness, it’d be wise to take some time out of the limelight.

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 10.26.20

The Moon hangs out in the serene sign of Pisces, showering us with a mystical and dreamy feel. Make space for imagination. Give yourself the opportunity to visualize new worlds for you and your community to grow into. The more fluidity you bring into each and every situation the more you’ll be guided. Trust your intuition. Libra, how much do you take your physicality into account. In your day to day life, as you’re doing your work and your shores, do you have your body in mind? The way you sit, and stand and move and embody your temple are so important. Bring awareness to it. This is your only vehicle on this journey called life.

@KnowLibra Wknd Scopes 10.24 – 10.25

There’s a sweet side and a challenging side to this wknd. On the one hand, Saturn and Venus come into a harmonious alignment on Saturday, making it a great time to give of our love and inner resources effortlessly. On the other side, Mercury joins the Sun in its retrograde motion on Sunday, inviting us to bring light to our shadows and the things we’ve suppressed. Libra, you’ve come to terms with a lot regarding your family life and your home. Now it’s time to relax into your foundations. It’s time to be able to let go and feel held by the intricate web of life and lineage and belonging. There’s no way you could ever not belong, you are of the world.

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 10.23.20

Scorpio season is about getting down to what’s real. Things that have been hidden will finally begin to come to light. You can help this collective and personal movement by becoming utterly real with yourself and your loved ones. Dare to shine the light in your darkest corridors. You’ll be marveled by the treasures you’re bound to find in the depths. Libra, your sense of self worth is intimately tied into your relationship to scarcity and abundance. You have to bring awareness to your inner resources to see them reflected on the outside. It takes time, space and courage to clear the mental structures that block you from believing fully in your value. But, you got this.