Know yourself.

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 7.10.20

Find more inner balance today, Libra. The Moon hangs out in the diffusive sign of Pisces and unites with it’s ruler Neptune, making this a good day to dream and to stay in touch with our heart and emotions. Also, Venus and Chiron come into an uplifting alignment, inviting us to listen to the inner … Continued

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 7.9.20

Tap into your sense of order today, Libra. The Moon hangs out in the empathic sign of Pisces today and unites with Ceres. This is an invitation to tap into your own disguise. We’ve all fashioned our own way of fitting into society, and by doing so we’ve set aside our purest self. What has … Continued

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 7.8.20

Tend to your health these days, Libra. The Moon enters the dreamy sign of Pisces this afternoon. The asteroid Ceres stations to go retrograde for the next three months, inviting us to question the belief systems that have kept humanity stuck in repeating the same patterns time and time again. It’s time to stop buying … Continued

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 7.7.20

Listen to your passion today, Libra. The Moon hangs out in the innovative sign of Aquarius today. These past days have been filled with much intensity. So much unconscious material has surfaced for us to see, sort out and release. This is a good day to envision how you want our life here on the … Continued

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 7.6.20

Listen to your creative side today, Libra. The Moon unites with Saturn before moving into the fringe sign of Aquarius this morning while we’re all still going through the post Full Moon Eclipse effects. What can you do right now to anchor more of your selfhood? What are your values and convictions? Become clear of … Continued

@KnowLibra Wknd Scopes 7.4 – 7.5

Seek nourishment and safety this wknd, Libra. The Full Moon Eclipse in the structure seeking sign of Capricorn is happening on Sunday 12:30am EST. This is bound to be a pretty emotional time. Listen to what’s going on within and without you. Your instincts are high. A lot of information is surfacing from the unconscious. … Continued

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 7.3.20

Speak your joy today, Libra. The Moon still in the wisdom seeking sign of Sag unites with the South Node tonight. This is an invitation to come alive in the places where we’ve been dormant. Awareness can be painful, but it’s such a powerful tool for self-empowerment. This is no time to push your karma … Continued

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 7.2.20

Speak your mind today, Libra. The Moon hangs out in the expansion seeking sign of Sag and comes into a stretching alignment with Venus. Recognize the one within you that needs safety and belonging. Recognize as well the one that feels the need to tap into your unique nature, even if it sets you apart … Continued

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 7.1.20

Nurture is key today, Libra. Saturn, retrograde since May 10th, will re-enter Capricorn today. We can expect to revisit matters regarding boundaries, limits, responsibilities, discipline, and authority. Saturn is inviting us to find the most rightful way to reclaim our authority. Now more than ever, when it’s becoming increasingly evident how the powers that be … Continued

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 6.30.20

Open up to more today, Libra. The Jupiter/Pluto union occurring this morning is the second of three, including April 4th and November 12th. There are many forces lined up against us, but there are also so many forces that have our back. This is an invitation to see through falsehood, and tap into our ability … Continued

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 6.29.20

Focus on your career today, Libra. With the Moon void in Libra for half of the day before entering Scorpio, you’re going through the feels about how to connect and open yourself up to others. It’s a good day to take things chill. If you had something important or out of the ordinary lined up, … Continued

@KnowLibra Wknd Scopes 6.27 – 6.28

Follow your emotional drive this wknd, Libra. Mars enters the warrior sign of Aries on Saturday and stays there for what’s left of the year. On Sunday it comes into a fluid alignment with Saturn, urging us all to take rightful actions in order to help build the future we want to see for ourselves … Continued