@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.22.20

Happy Libra season Skymates! Today the Sun moves into airy Libra. With this, we also experience the Fall and Spring equinoxes in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, respectively. Libra rules relationships and a sense of a balance between opposing parts. This shift might feel like a much-needed breath of fresh air. Leo, the pace will pick up a little bit, and this serves you well. Use your newfound momentum to integrate the self-growth you’ve experienced these last six months. Your plans, goals and ideas might look totally different now – but you’re ready for this.

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.21.20

Mercury comes into a tense alignment with Pluto. Follow your urge to dig deeper. Get to the truth of the matter. Hold back the urge to coerce others into believing your ideas. If conflicts arise around opposing thoughts, uphold love over beliefs. Keep an open mind and listen to others’ views before arguing. This can help transform your intellect and the ways in which you communicate. Leo, this may arise in your areas of mental processes and daily rituals. Stop thinking life and start living it. It’s time to make your days more pleasurable. Wake up at the time you’d like, drink that morning tea that you love, create a comfortable corner to read when you have a break. What changes can offer you more ease within your life?

@KnowLeo Wknd Scopes 9.19 – 9.20

We may feel especially restless with the Moon in the empowering sign of Scorpio during most of the wknd making us go deep within to question ourselves and everything around us, while the Sun comes into a tense alignment with Mars pushing us to go out and conquer. Refrain from overdoing. Allow events to form as they will. Play only your part. Make it more about being in the moment than creating a big impression. Leo, where do you get caught in lethargy? What changes can you embrace? Changes that can help you step outside of these ways that may have become a bit too narrow for the new you that want to emerge? Do one thing each day that can help you go beyond the places where you get stuck.

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.18.20

With the New Moon energy still present, the Moon now in the balancing sign of Libra comes into an uplifting alignment to Venus and afterwards unites with Mercury. This is a great day for intimacy and communication. Get together with the ones you love. Enable vulnerable and heartfelt conversations. If anger arises, don’t repress it. Use it wisely, without being hurtful. Leo, your charm and personal appeal are strong today. Let your voice be heard, share your opinions and your story, you never know when someone needs to hear it and what it can spark in them. Any conversations that you’ve been postponing will be best received and will have room to thrive right now.

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.17.20

The New Moon in the ritualistic sign of Virgo happens at 7:00 am EST. This occurs in a harmonious alignment with the planets that have been reeking havoc throughout 2020. This moon wants to bring balance, it wants to find solutions. It wants to find the ways to integrate seemingly opposite energies, and turn the destructive encounters into constructive exchange. We can contribute to this. Leo, how much care and attention do you give to the things that support you? The more you recognize and honor the things that sustain your life the more conscious and sacred your life will be. This is a beautiful time to bring your energy into cultivating your skills and your crafts. Make more space in your day for this.

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.15.20

The Moon in the expressive sign of Leo comes into a harmonious alignment to Mars before entering the practical sign of Virgo. This offers us a charge of action throughout the first half of the day. Venus and Uranus come into a tense alignment, boosting our need for freedom in matters of love. Leo, this is not a good time to make any rash decisions. You may feel like you want to let everything go and seek more freedom. But if you act on your impulsives right now you might regret it later on. You’ll start to feel more grounded later on in the day, as you begin to take in the energy of Thursday’s New Moon in Virgo.