Know yourself.

@KnowLeo Wknd Scopes 7.6 – 7.7

Mercury Retrograde begins on Sunday, starting off in the sign of Leo, and then entering Cancer the 19th of July. These next 3 weeks are about reflection, renewal, and restructuring. Leo, with Mercury currently in your sign, no one knows how much you may be going through it internally. Externally you project the image of … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 7.5.19

As we approach Mercury Retrograde, it’s a good time for humanity to slow down and revamp aspects of our lifestyles that may be stifling our growth. Leo, your ability to release control is getting better, even if it takes a lot of patience for you to cultivate this trait. Today you may feel the urge … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 7.4.19

With both the Moon and Mars in fiery Leo, humanity will feel more confident and bold today, helping us go after what we want with greater ease. Now that the eclipse energy is mellowing out, this is a good day to set New Moon Intentions. Leo, you’re feeling yourself with the Moon chillin’ in your … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 7.3.19

Venus enters Cancer for the next few weeks, infusing the cosmos with even more sensitivity and emotion than it already has. There’s no need to freak out about this transit when we can lean into it. Humanity is ascending and our collective ability to give and receive love is deepening. Leo, the recent Solar Eclipse … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 7.2.19

Today at 3:16pm EST, the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer takes place and helps humanity open their hearts to the love and capacity for healing that exists within and around them. Leo, as your birthday season approaches, you’re thinking of what aspects of your life feel empowering and which ones need to be … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 7.1.19

Welcome to July, the month where Mercury Retrograde begins, and eclipse season kicks off. It’s going to be a wild ride. Leo, take it easy as the week begins. The Cancer eclipse is activating your spirituality sector, which means that it’s time to dig deep and heal any wounds that keep repeating themselves in your … Continued

@KnowLeo Wknd Scopes 6.29 – 6.30

Share with your network today, Leo. The Moon spends almost all of the weekend in the connecting sign of Gemini, and interactive Mercury aligns with nurturing Ceres. It’s a good time to meditate on the ways we go about connecting, are we able to make way for nurturing relationships, or do we somehow find the … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 6.28.19

Make this moment all about your goals, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the luscious sign of Taurus today, so we can slow down a little and get comfortable. This is the time of the month when our senses are more alive and we are more in contact with our sensuality. We so often find … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 6.27.19

Bring your whole being into your work today, Leo. The Moon enters the grounding sign of Taurus, and the self-affirming Sun aligns with innovative Uranus, inviting us to be done with everything that stands in the way of our growth and evolution. It’s time to become liberated from the old and to step into the … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 6.26.19

Open up to sharing your visions of a better world today, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the actional sign of Aries, and Mercury enters the centering sign of Leo, making way for our creativity to shine through. We’ll have more energy to be fully present and to engage with the world around us. It’s … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 6.25.19

Act on your beliefs today, Leo. The Moon enters the impulsive sign of Aries and makes it’s monthly union to evolutionary Chiron, inspiring us to start a fresh while providing the energy to do so in a spontaneous and expansive way. Give yourself some space these days. Make it about feeling relaxed and free. Open … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 6.24.19

Breathe empathy into the deepest parts of yourself today, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the dreamy sign of Pisces and sensual Venus aligns with dazy Neptune. If you find yourself confused regarding your relationships, don’t try to silence the emotions. Instead, pay attention to what they’re actually trying to tell you. Neptune wants you … Continued