Know yourself.

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.17.19

Define solid goals for yourself today, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the firm sign of Taurus, while Venus aligns with Chiron, inviting us to widen our inner world and tap into the vastness of our own nature. From here we can dive into our personal rhythm and align with time in a more organic … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.16.19

Breathe freedom into your life today, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the fiery sign of Aries, while Mercury aligns with Chiron, inviting us to meet each person that crosses our path as genuinely as possible. Tap into what’s most alive and worth fostering in the other, and dare to openly uplift it. It’s a … Continued

@KnowLeo Wknd Scopes 9.14 – 9.15

Open up to transforming on a soul level this wknd, Leo. The Full Moon in Pisces is happening on Saturday 12:35am EST. Make this time about cleansing out all of the inner work and process you went through during the eclipses. Focus on your healing. Listen to your intuition for guidance on the things that … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.13.19

Meet your emotions fully today, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the sensual sign of Pisces, while Mercury merges with Venus, and the Sun aligns with Pluto. Prepare for tomorrow’s Full Moon by surrendering to the knowing that what’s going on inside and what’s going on outside are congruent, compatible, and mutually enhancing. It’s a … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.12.19

Tend to the necessary transformations your life’s in need of today, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the dreamy sign of Pisces, while Mars aligns with Jupiter, making this moment about trust. It’s hard to be impulsive when we can’t clearly see the road ahead. Have the courage to act upon your will no matter … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.11.19

Share yourself with another today, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the vision-filled sign of Aquarius, while Pallas Athena aligns with Uranus, sparking in us a depths of rebellion against being held down. It’s time to tap into our inner core, and into our gifts and creative wonder, and act in accordance to them. A … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.10.19

Acknowledge your intimate partners today, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the electrifying sign of Aquarius, while the Sun aligns with Neptune, assisting us in getting our bearings and holding steady upon our path. Make sure to hold yourself closely and lovingly if you’re experiencing emptiness or confusion. Acknowledge the people that appreciate you just … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.9.19

Build a routine that’s right for you today, Leo. The day starts out on a productive note with the Moon in the steady sign of Capricorn, and by the afternoon we begin to head into a more instinctive and imaginative mood when the Moon enters the quirky sign of Aquarius. If you’re feeling somewhat introverted, … Continued

@KnowLeo Wknd Scopes 9.7 – 9.8

Tune into your natural rhythm this wknd, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the centering sign of Capricorn all wknd, and various alignments between personal and transpersonal planets invite us to stretch our egos, minds and willpower far enough to tap into unconditional love, collective expansion and that which lies beneath our social facade. Don’t … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.6.19

Connect with your inner child today, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the expansive sign of Sagittarius, while the Sun aligns with Saturn, and Venus with Pluto, making it a perfect time to tap into our inner power and the structure needed in order to hone it and guide it through. Know that self-actualization is … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.5.19

Get in touch with your magnetism today, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the fun and positive sign of Sagittarius, while Mercury aligns with Saturn permeating us with a sense of lightness, and the ability to not take things so seriously for once. Confidence is nothing if it’s not coming from a place of centered … Continued

@KnowLeo Daily Scope 9.4.19

Care and tenderness are key today, Leo. The Moon hangs out in the transformative sign of Scorpio, and Venus aligns with Neptune reminding us not to wait for others to express their love in order for us to be loving. It’s time to extend our love out into the world no matter what. Remember where … Continued