@KnowGemini Daily Scope 1.27.21

Skymates, for the past few weeks Venus, the Planet of Love, has been in the grounded sign of Capricorn, teaching us how to cultivate more patience when it comes to love and money. Now that we’re in the final stretch of this transit, we may be reflecting on key themes Venus helped us learn this month. Gemini, your sector of depth and intimacy is activated by Venus in Cap. People often make assumptions about you as a lover, thinking that you’ll never actually want to commit to something for the long haul. But that’s often them projecting their insecurities onto you. Today you may admit to yourself that you can be a long-term partner, but only when you feel fully aligned with the idea.

@KnowGemini Daily Scope 1.26.21

Today’s astrological weather is charged with electric, rebellious energy. It may be more challenging to focus on every day tasks — all signs will be feeling an urge to break free from the status quo. Specifically for you, Gemini, the Cancer Moon heightens your sensitivity and if you overthink what’s being said to you, there’s a chance you’ll get your feelings hurt (but you may not want to actively admit that you feel a certain way). Today’s not one of those days where you should play mind games or act too cool for school — people will see through all that and it’ll make you feel goofy. It’s wiser to fully own up to what you feel, and let your feelings naturally run their course.

@KnowGemini Daily Scope 1.25.21

The Moon starts off void in Gemini this morning, making it an ideal time to tie up loose ends on fun tasks rather than start something new. Then once the Moon shifts into Cancer later today, we’ll collectively be feeling heightened sensitivity and emotion. Gemini, you’ll find yourself more focused on emotional security once the Moon enters Cancer. Are there reassurances you’d like to receive from someone you care for? With your ruler Mercury preparing to go retrograde soon, now is the time to ask for the clarity you may be seeking. Just be willing to give others such clarity too.

@KnowGemini Wknd Scopes 1.23 – 1.24

With Mars and Jupiter having recently squared off with each other, and the Moon being in Gemini as the weekend begins, we may collectively feel like there’s so much we want to do this weekend. But it’s important for us to focus on what truly matters. Gemini, the Moon in your sign invites greater flexibility, communication, and openness in all matters of life. You may find yourself unexpectedly reconciling with someone or better understanding where they’re coming from this weekend. You may also open yourself up to new healing modalities that have lasting impacts on the rest of your year.

@KnowGemini Daily Scope 1.22.21

With the asteroid Ceres making a square to the lunar nodes today, we are being asked to make sure we’re not overextending ourselves in the name of generosity. It’s important to give to others, but it’s also essential to make room to receive. Gemini, you may need to have a conversation soon regarding what your current needs are in a partnership, friendship or creative collaboration. But before that convo takes place, have it with yourself. Write down all the things you think you want, and start circling the things you realllly want. Keep practicing the art of conscious discernment.

@KnowGemini Daily Scope 1.21.21

Today the Moon and Mars align in Taurus, and that can collectively bring out our stubborn sides, as well as our desires to pursue our inner passions. Then later the Moon and Jupiter conflict, asking us to make sure we’re not stretching ourselves too thin. Gemini, it may be time for you to own up to a crush or romance that’s been on your mind. Mercury, your planetary ruler, begins its retrograde in about a week, which means that now is a great time to speak your truth and let people know what’s up. Chances are, they already know.