@KnowGemini Daily Scope 4.13.21

Gemini, what do you want to achieve? Today the same fiery and proactive energy that surrounded our last New Moon continues, as the Sun comes into a harmonious connection with Mars. This beautiful planetary energy might feel like a sword of light slicing through the last weeks of (comparative) confusion. The Sun in Aries shines rays upon our unique and individual experiences. Suddenly, we matter the most again. Meanwhile, Mars in your own sign opens us up to an abundance of new options, possibilities and potential pathways for achieving our dreams. With much of this energy taking place in your own sign, you’ll be given an extra boost of motivation towards manifesting your goals. It’s a time to focus on the concept and root of your  willpower – where it comes from, and where you wish to channel it.

@KnowGemini Daily Scope 4.12.21

Who do you want to have around? Gemini, today asteroid Juno stations retrograde in Sagittarius. Juno tends to represent commitment, as well as partnership-style (romantically or otherwise). This means themes like cohabiting, co-parenting and collaborating. Whilst Juno is retrograde, we’re invited to question our reasons for being in a partnership. We’re asked to reconsider if our relationships are balanced, if our needs are being met, and if our commitment is returned. As Sagittarius is a sign of fiery freedom – this time might just reveal where partnership is limiting our own individual journeying. Gemini, for you this will all be particularly potent, as it takes place in your sector of relationships. It’s time to get honest with yourself. Where are there imbalances in the giving and receiving of your friendships? How can these be corrected?

@KnowGemini Wknd Scopes 4.10 – 4.11

Here’s to new beginnings Skymates! Gemini, this weekend we have the first New Moon of the astrological year, in the zodiac’s initiator sign; Aries. If there were ever a time to take action… this would be it. The potent energy of the ram reminds us to take charge of our lives and to always, always lead with courage. This is a strong cycle where we’ll be naturally re-evaluating our relationship to ourselves. It’s a time particularly ripe with opportunities of change. Gemini, you’re being called to pay close attention to the way you communicate with the world around you. Think of all the interactions you have – for example even the tiny exchanges at the mall. Are your words really reflective of who you are, and what you represent? Are you bringing your truth to your relationships? If not, it’s time to make a change. This new Moon supports you in bringing clarity to the way you move through the world.

@KnowGemini Daily Scope 4.9.21

Gemini, Things are looking up! Today the planets auspiciously shine down on us, with Saturn coming into a harmonious connection with the Lunar North Node. Saturn represents the structures of our lives, as well as ambitions and long-term goals – while the North Node tends to point us in the direction of our destinies. Today we’ll be feeling a sense of lightness and ease in our path of progress. Our next steps will seem clearer, easier and closer than ever. Gemini, if things have been feeling a little flat for you lately, this may change today. Infuse your routine with things which feel super refreshing on levels of mind, body and spirit. Try stepping out of the ordinary. Why not go for a walk using a route that you’ve never taken before? Renew your natural sense of play and curiosity dear Gemini.

@KnowGemini Daily Scope 4.8.21

Has your mind been getting too noisy? Gemini, today is one to start shifting your gaze inward, as tomorrow marks the Dark of the Moon period the last three days of the Lunar cycle. This time creates a spaciousness for the upcoming Aries New Moon (the first of the astrological year). Astrology is the study of natural rhythms and cycles, one of which is the lunar cycle. The DOM is a time to go inward, and to face the shadows we carry. Its energy carries a quiet, healing wisdom. Gemini, you’ve had a whole lot of planetary energy working through your realm of logic and processing and there’s a high chance you’ve been experiencing mental overdrive. If you’ve been finding yourself analyzing, obsessing or overthinking about scenarios; ride this cosmic wave of quietening down, to allow your mind some rest. Getting too in your head can ironically very often cloud your judgement. In the next few days, try consciously pulling your awareness from your head, down into your heart… and see what happens.

@KnowGemini Daily Scope 4.7.21

Gemini, your soul purpose is calling. Fresh approaches and opportunities are brewing today, as the Aquarius Moon joins the planet of expansion, Jupiter. Gemini, this planetary connection means we’ll be receiving synchronistic signs that remind us of the needs of our emotional realms. If you’ve been experiencing a discrepancy between your inner and outer worlds… today you might just receive an epiphany or new ideas on how to bridge them. Plus, this all lights up your sector of higher calling, adventure and soul journeying dear Gemini. You’ve had a ton of energy moving through here as of late, which is an exciting place to be! Today, tune into divine guidance using esoteric practices like meditation, tarot or dreamwork. Answers regarding your life purpose are on their way. Even if you don’t have it all figured yet, there’s no reason to be scared, or harsh on yourself. Remember: this lifetime is a progression, not an exercise in perfection.