KnowCapricorn Wknd Scope June 17 – 19, 2022

Skymates, the Moon is in Aquarius this wknd, and the final days of Gemini season brings playful and adventurous energy in our lives. A harmonious alignment between the Moon and Jupiter infuses this wknd’s energy with expansiveness, however, Saturday’s planetary squares may temporarily dampen the mood. Capricorn, you’ve had to set some limits recently, not only with others, but also with yourself. Perhaps you’ve applied too much pressure on yourself to have it all together, when you’d benefit from actually mellowing out and relaxing more. Find time this wknd to tune out all the outside noise and tune into your intuitive wisdom. Listen to what it has to say…

KnowCapricorn Scope June 15 – 16

The days after a full moon are about resting, decompressing, and taking in the cosmic downloads that we recently experienced. With 6 days until the Solstice and start of Cancer Season, all signs will benefit from reflecting on what they want the second half of the year to feel like. For you, Capricorn, the Moon’s presence in your sign encourages you to meditate more, and say no more as well. People often feel safe and at ease with you, which can lead to them immediately placing you in the role of a leader, when perhaps you simply want to lay low and enjoy the ride. With Mercury, Planet of Communication, back in the air sign of Gemini, you’ll find yourself wanting to go with the flow more, rather than be the one controlling the experience. This is a game-changer, Capricorn. Bask in this new you. 

KnowCapricorn Scope June 13 – 14

What would you do without your favorite guru? You’d remind yourself that you are your own guru. That’s what this week’s Sag Full Moon is about skymates. All zodiac signs will feel empowered to tap into their innate wisdom, and soar. Specifically for you, Capricorn, this lunation activates your sector of spirituality and healing, which means that the more you can laugh, dance, travel, read, teach, explore, and cry, the more healed you’ll feel. As the week begins, you may be astonished to see how much you’re able to release past grudges, and start over on a clean slate. The combination of Gemini Season, Mars, Jupiter, and Chiron all being in Aries, and the Sag Full Moon has led to you stepping out of your comfort zone and birthing a new version of yourself. Take your time as you adjust to any growing pains that come with this spiritual process of transmutation.

KnowCapricorn Wknd Scope June 3 – 5, 2022

Capricorn, you have a powerful journey ahead of you. The next few days see one retrograde wrap up… while another begins! First, we have Mercury ending its retrograde in the earth sign of Taurus. As this illuminates your sector of self-expression, you may feel something click into place regarding your confidence and sense of empowerment. You are a powerful being, and it’s time to own this. On June 4th, Saturn (your planetary ruler) will start its retrograde through Aquarius (until mid-October). This is a time that invites you to  reflect on any limitations and boundaries that exist in your life. This retrograde phase is a potent opportunity to make adjustments that get you from where you are, to where you’ve been dreaming off – particularly in terms of career, finances and your impact on the world. You’re ready to step into a powerful new chapter Capricorn, get ready!

KnowCapricorn Scope June 1 – 2

Capricorn, how are you – really? We’re about to see the Moon enter its home sign of Cancer, where it will form a harmonious connection with Venus. All twelve signs are equally powerful and necessary in the dance of the zodiac – none could healthily exist, without their opposites. Cancer is your opposite sign, meaning that this polarity point is where you can find a uniquely deep sense of balance. With the moon here, the universe is inviting you to slow down. Even if pausing your obligations, work or social spheres feels a little counter-intuitive, this may actually be the perfect thing for you to do. Spend time with the depths of yourself; checking in as to how you are underneath your external façade of pure strength and competence. It’s okay to not always be okay. To patiently acknowledge any sadness, anger or fear within yourself – is a deep act of self-love.