Know yourself.

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.19.19

You’re being called to responsibly take charge, Capricorn. Today’s Full Moon in Libra is here to remind us that whatever we leave out and refuse to reckon with will become our shadow and come back to bite us until we face it and love it. Our soul is what we are here to share and … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.18.19

You can find comfort in your work today, Capricorn. Tomorrow’s Full Moon is a culmination of what started six months ago, during the Libra New Moon. Use this Full Moon Eve to think back to where you were in October 2018 and what intentions you set back then. How much has your world changed? Tap … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.17.19

Throw yourself into a satisfying project, Capricorn. The Moon enters the seductive sign of Libra for the next two and half days, while Mercury enters Aries. The next three weeks are about becoming more aware of our connection to each living being we meet, and grappling with any boundary issues we’re facing. For you this … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.16.19

Your imagination is broad and visionary today, Capricorn. With the Moon still in the sign of Virgo, this is a perfect time to get done what must be done. It’s easier to come up with solutions, and you can work out your schedule, understanding what can and can’t be sacrificed. Try letting go and giving … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.15.19

Use your wit and your charm to express love today, Capricorn. The Moon hangs out in the practical sign of Virgo, while Venus aligns with Jupiter. This connection is a reminder of how out-of-sync we can get when we give into becoming a product of an ideology. It’s not easy to show up day to … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Wknd Scopes 4.13 – 4.14

The Sun and Pluto square each other this weekend, and this may test our patience and ability to remain calm amidst chaos. Capricorn, Pluto is currently in your sign for several years, and since it’s the Planet of Transformation you’re noticing your life subtly shifting under the surface. This weekend you may feel more introspective … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.12.19

The Moon spends its final day in Cancer, and it aligns with Mercury, Venus and Neptune, all in the sign of Pisces. This is a powerful time for us all to focus on our intuition and subconscious world. Capricorn, everything that you’ve been feeling romantically will start to make sense. Your job is to not … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.11.19

Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, began its retrograde yesterday and we’re collectively feeling more in tune with our inner journeys. This allows us to retrace our steps since the year began, and admit where we must make adjustments. Capricorn, this retrograde will allow you to look within yourself from the security that you seek externally. … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.9.19

Venus, the Planet of Love, connects with Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy today. Both planets are in the sensitive, spiritual sign of Pisces, so humanity will feel more emotional and intuitive than usual. For you, Capricorn, you may realize that you’ve been taking yourself too seriously, and it’s also pouring out into the relationships in … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.8.19

The Moon has entered airy Gemini for the next 2.5 days, so humanity is literally getting a breath of fresh air as we begin this new week. Capricorn, Aries Season has you in the mood to make your home your sanctuary. You are at a turning point in your life with this final year of … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Wknd Scopes 4.6 – 4.7

May this weekend be about going beyond the old familiar places, Capricorn. The Moon hangs out in the stabilizing sign of Taurus all weekend, and Mercury connects with Saturn. The purpose of this connection is to make it possible for each one of us to be utterly true to ourselves in human interaction. Life is … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.5.19

Today, ground deeply into your sense of purpose, Capricorn. With this New Moon in Aries, we get to decide if we’re ready for something new. If you’re feeling called to let go of your old self, your limited beliefs and the blockages that are stagnating your life, this is the opportunity to embrace evolution, growth … Continued