Know yourself.

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.23.19

The Moon shifts into Aquarius today, so humanity will collectively feel more emotionally detached than they have recently. Capricorn, it’s important for you to detach from the outcome of what you desire, so that the Universe can surprise you with exactly what’s meant for you. As much as you may want to control your journey … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.22.19

Mars in Cancer aligns with Uranus in Taurus today, reminding us that we must tune into how our body feels in order to understand the sustainable changes we can create in our world, and our relationships. Capricorn, if you can, partake in a creative and imaginative activity today. Daydream, journal, sing, dance, write a song… … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.21.19

The Sun shifts out of grounded Taurus and enters adventurous Gemini today, where it remains for the next 4 weeks. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, also shifts into its home sign, helping all humans be more social, charming, and intellectual. Capricorn, it’s time to lighten up. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but you have … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.20.19

The Moon makes its monthly union with Jupiter today at 1:06pm EST, helping lighten up the cosmos after a super intense Scorpio Full Moon. We can collectively start off the week on a more optimistic and vibrant note. Capricorn, you’ll be feeling more attuned to the areas within yourself that need to heal. This isn’t … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Wknd Scopes 5.18 – 5.19

Open up to following the cause that drives you forward this weekend, Capricorn. On Saturday 5:11pm EST, the Universe invites you to shed your skin. As you welcome the Scorpio Full Moon, think about where you can peel back the layers to reveal more of your authentic self. Go deep and cleanse from the inside. … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.17.19

Make some time for networking today, Capricorn. The Moon enters the potent sign of Scorpio, as we begin to feel the Full Moon’s energy. We can prepare ourselves for tomorrow by getting our truth out there —especially the hard ones — and by inquiring and digging into the places where the most crucial information can … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.16.19

Sensitize yourself to others needs today, Capricorn. Mercury and Saturn align, bringing a flash of lightning that has the potential to change our relationship to all sides of necessity and responsibility. Instead of taking things too seriously, we can bear our burdens lightly, and with confidence and ease. This is a great time to improve … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.15.19

Establish some sort of order for your life today, Capricorn. Venus enters Taurus, making the next three and a half weeks about exploring our sensual side, and seeking a sense of security and value which lasts. Also, Mars enters Cancer, making the next six and a half weeks a good time to ardently pursue and … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.14.19

Keep in touch with the root of your being today, Capricorn. Venus aligns with Mars, making space for the optimal expression of collaboration between feminine and masculine. The key here is to recognize each other’s essential gifts and acknowledge each other’s needs. You can assist the world in evolving for the better and vibrating higher. … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.13.19

Share your inner wisdom today, Capricorn. The Sun aligns with powerful Pluto and wise Jupiter, reminding us that everything that’s happening inside flows outward, and all that is occurring outside flows inward. We come to our power through immediate and applicable awareness of self and world as a dynamic interchange. Be as intense as you … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.10.19

The Moon has entered fiery Leo for the weekend, allowing us to collectively feel more confident and empowered in ourselves and our relationships. It’s time to put ourselves out there. Cap, take a break from all the hard work you’ve been doing and just live a little. Let loose and allow yourself to surprise but … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 5.9.19

Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, aligns with Pluto, Planet of Transformation today. This takes place while the Moon is still in sensitive Cancer. Our ability to transform ourselves internally through profound self-reflection will manifest as external rewards. Capricorn, it’s important for you to be as truthful as possible with those you love. They know that … Continued