@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 1.27.21

Skymates, for the past few weeks Venus, the Planet of Love, has been in the grounded sign of Capricorn, teaching us how to cultivate more patience when it comes to love and money. Now that we’re in the final stretch of this transit, we may be reflecting on key themes Venus helped us learn this month. Capricorn, you’ve been growing through several phases of your life these past few months, but Venus in Cap is here to remind you that although you can do it all alone, you don’t have to. Make sure that you’re not so focused on your financial security that you’re pushing away the emotional and romantic security that wants to be present in your life too. You don’t have to choose between love and money, Cap. You can have it all, and blissfully so.

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 1.26.21

Today’s astrological weather is charged with electric, rebellious energy. It may be more challenging to focus on every day tasks — all signs will be feeling an urge to break free from the status quo. Specifically for you, Capricorn, your love life may receive a major “aha!” moment today, as your latest crush, your boo, or a could-be lover may hit you up and reveal the depths of their affection. It could also be you who suddenly feels the urge to vocalize your feels during Venus’ final few days in your sign. Make the most of your open throat chakra, even if it takes you a while to find the right words to express what’s going on within you. Transparency and clarity can be super sexy when you fully step into your power and reveal your intentions to those worthy of knowing them.

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 1.25.21

The Moon starts off void in Gemini this morning, making it an ideal time to tie up loose ends on fun tasks rather than start something new. Then once the Moon shifts into Cancer later today, we’ll collectively be feeling heightened sensitivity and emotion. Capricorn, love will be on your mind today, whether you thought you were ready for it or not. Love is energy, we are love, but as a Capricorn these may sound like clichés to you rather than reality. But the Cancer Moon asks you to let your sensitivity take the lead instead of your more practical, skeptical side. What would it look and feel like for you to trust that the love you seek is also wanting you, and that the vibration of love you want to feel is you?

@KnowCapricorn Wknd Scopes 1.23 – 1.24

With Mars and Jupiter having recently squared off with each other, and the Moon being in Gemini as the weekend begins, we may collectively feel like there’s so much we want to do this weekend. But it’s important for us to focus on what truly matters. Capricorn, you’re still adjusting to Jupiter being in an Air sign after a year of it being in your sign, helping you master the art of discipline and discernment. But now you’re being asked to lighten up, have more fun, and be more carefree. This may feel so weird to you, but a part of you knows that you need this type of balance in your emotional and mental nature to truly thrive. Commit to laughing more this weekend, playing more, and loving more.

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 1.22.21

With the asteroid Ceres making a square to the lunar nodes today, we are being asked to make sure we’re not overextending ourselves in the name of generosity. It’s important to give to others, but it’s also essential to make room to receive. Capricorn, Venus’ presence in your sign is asking you to be more present with your finances, and that begins by releasing your grip on them in the first place. Instead of pressuring yourself to reach a certain amount of wealth by a certain time, let yourself dream and fantasize of what it feels like to live in infinite, expansive wealth that you can share intentionally with others. The more you tap into the vibration of divine, sustainable abundance, the more you thrive and attract it to you, and often in unexpected ways.

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 1.21.21

Today the Moon and Mars align in Taurus, and that can collectively bring out our stubborn sides, as well as our desires to pursue our inner passions. Then later the Moon and Jupiter conflict, asking us to make sure we’re not stretching ourselves too thin. Capricorn, it’s okay to not always have it all together. Today may be one of those days where you struggle to relinquish control (even more than usual). But the more tightly you grip onto someone or something, the more quickly it’ll slip through the cracks of your fingers. So challenge yourself today to chill out whenever you want to act out. Go get some ice cream or make love to yourself or someone else instead.