Know yourself.

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.7.20

All day long, the Libra Full Moon’s energy is teaching us how to listen to what our relationships with ourselves and with others are trying to show and teach us. The struggle lies in making sure we’re tending to our own needs while also being considerate of other people’s. Capricorn, you may be ready to … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.6.20

The Libra Full Moon will take place on the night of April 7th, however we tend to feel full moons most intensely in the days that precede them. This means that today’s energetic theme has to do with completion, partnerships, and creativity. We’re looking back on the past six months and assessing our evolution. Capricorn, … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Wknd Scopes 4.4 – 4.5

Capricorn, it’s time to dive deep. This weekend a powerful long-term aspect takes place on Saturday 10:45PM EDT, when Jupiter forms a conjunction with Pluto, in Capricorn. This is the first of three same instances this year. Capricorn relates to our structures, while Plutonic energy exposes the undercurrents of reality. It deals with our deepest … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.3.20

Capricorn, love is in the air. At 4.10PM EDT Venus leaves its home sign of earthy, stable Taurus to move into curious, airy Gemini. With this shift, our social and romantic spheres become more open and flexible. We may start to feel slightly more sociable, communicative and keen on furthering new connections – particularly those … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.2.20

Capricorn, today the moon continues to move through its home sign of Cancer until 5.27PM EDT when it enters the fiery fixed sign of Leo. Here we see an energetic transition as we shift from our emotional needs, into a more fiery and proactive space. The Leo Moon has a tendency to bring us out … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 4.1.20

Capricorn, sink into your own strength today. In the early hours of today at 6:21am EST, the intense moon in your sign forms a square with a powerful Aries sun. This aspect marks the second quarter phase of the lunar cycle, a time in the month where lunar energies start to heighten and come into … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 3.31.20

Capricorn, following yesterday’s theme… it’s time to feel, and to heal. At 7.43am EST the moon leaves inquisitive and airy Gemini to enter its home sign in nurturing, watery Cancer. We’ll all notice emotional undertones coming to the surface with a very distinctive potency. From here, the feels will only amplify with the moon coming … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 3.30.20

Capricorn, this is a time to heal. At 3.43pm EST Mars leaves the steady sign of Capricorn, to enter the detached and airy world that is Aquarius. Mars in Capricorn represents a warrior’s stance on structure and convention. Here, solidity is achieved through discipline and tradition. On the other hand, Aquarius expands this view to … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Wknd Scopes 3.28 – 3.29

Capricorn, time to get the ball rolling. On Saturday we experience a day full of positive and earthy transits, before the moon shifts into the curious and creative energy of your sign. This shifts the lunar mood into one that is more abstract, light and ethereal – like air! This has the potential to send … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 3.27.20

Capricorn, we’re being met with soulful and dreamy energies today, as the gentle Taurus moon forms a sextile with Neptune who sits in empathic Pisces. This will lead us into a day of daydreaming, and just generally floating upwards. The beautiful blend of emotion and vision will add a magical feel to the day. We … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 3.26.20

Capricorn, today the moon in fiery Aries comes into a square with the equally intense energy of Mars in Capricorn. Here lies the potential for frustrations to arise, and emotional release to burst to the surface. Today, try to stay conscious and mindful of these planetary forces at play… because they certainly have the potential … Continued

@KnowCapricorn Daily Scope 3.25.20

Capricorn, today the sun in Aries forms a conjunction with Chiron, amplifying the insights of yesterday’s new moon. Rather than the deep, mysterious depths that we entered last night… the sun now shines a light on our perceptions, warming and illuminating our understanding of the current times, and our place within them. Capricorn, it’s time … Continued