Know yourself.

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 11.8.19

Ground deep into your courage today, Cancer. The Sun aligns with Saturn and Neptune, giving us the opportunity to weave the spiritual into the concrete. Make this day about harnessing the discipline to manifest the things that you’ve been dreaming for your life. Going for what you want means you’ll have to come up against … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 11.7.19

Reveal your emotions today, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in the boundless sign of Pisces, while Vesta aligns with Pluto, making it a great day to dismantle any false sense of security you might be holding on to, and to find safety and stability in the process of incarnating through your depths and your power. … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 11.6.19

Don’t give into compulsions today, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in the sensitive sign of Pisces and aligns with Neptune, highlighting its dreamy hue. Make this day about feeling your feelings without trying to make sense of them. Open up to being reminded of your connection to nature and humanity, and to empathize with the … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 11.5.19

Accept support from others today, Cancer. Mars aligns with Pluto, be extra careful and conscious in situations of misuse of power, controlling, dominating, or being unconsciously driven by primal urges. Turn any rough situations into opportunities to tap into the power held within your desires, so you can learn how to use them consciously. Dare … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 11.4.19

Take a risk today, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in the innovative sign of Aquarius, making it a wonderful day to check in with where you are. Pinpoint the places where you might be living out someone else’s reality, and infuse them with your own beliefs. Seek the systems of thought that uplift your love … Continued

@KnowCancer Wknd Scopes 11.2 – 11.3

You can love with all your heart this wknd, Cancer. We enter Saturday out on a grounded note with the Moon in the steady sign of Capricorn. On Sunday we head into a more imaginative mood when the Moon enters the creative sign of Aquarius. Venus aligns with Chiron, inviting us to carve out a … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 11.1.19

Let go of any tit-for-tat mentality today, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in the firm sign of Capricorn, while sweet Venus enters expansive Sag for the next 24 days. This is an invitation to tap into life’s joys and to make room for love. Love what is and could be, love yourself and others. Dare … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 10.31.19

Tap into your natural born craft today, Cancer. Mercury stations to go retrograde at 11:42am EST. This three times a year event is always a great excuse to get introspective. The fact that it’s happening in Scorpio, makes it more intense, and asked us to cast off the veil of semblance and to tap into … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 10.30.19

Walk the path of service today, Cancer. It’s a pretty enthusiastic day with the Moon hanging out in the confident sign of Sag, and Mercury merging with Venus. Tap into the places within you that synchronize with what’s going on in your environment, and find external cues that fit with what’s forming within. It’s a … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 10.29.19

Take time to process the ideas that excite you today, Cancer. The Moon, Venus and Pallas Athenea merge in the uplifting sign of Sag, inviting us to embark on a journey toward self-recovery, and to tap into the aliveness of inner self that cannot be found in any outward semblances. Tap into your creative genius. … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 10.28.19

Be the Queen/King that you are today, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in the deep sign of Scorpio, while the Sun aligns with Uranus. We’re being called to go deep within ourselves. We’re craving change, and in order to achieve real transformation it’s important to sink deep into the places we’ve avoided and neglected. Make … Continued

@KnowCancer Wknd Scopes 10.26 – 10.27

Surrender to what you can’t control this wknd, Cancer. The New Moon in Scorpio is happening on Sunday 11:40pm EST. Make this wknd about tapping into your healing process and your ability to regenerate through it. Bring awareness to the ways in which you’ve deepened and grown, and to the power you’ve harnessed in grappling … Continued