Know yourself.

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 5.14.20

Go deep into your emotional needs today, Cancer. Jupiter goes retrograde for the next 4 months, revisiting themes that have been present since Feb 18th. It’s a great time to draw from our inner wisdom in order to harmoniously come to terms with the new normal that’s arising. We also have the Waxing Quarter Moon … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 5.13.20

Feed yourself with emotional space today, Cancer. Mars enters the numinous sign of Pisces around the same time that Venus stations to move retrograde, both for the next six weeks. Mars (the warrior) in Pisces (the pacifist) can awaken in us the potential to fight for the things that affect us all. Venus’ backward motion … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 5.12.20

Tap into the things that ignite intense feelings within you today, Cancer. Yesterday, Mercury entered the interactive sign of Gemini for the next 15 days. Both Mercury and Gemini are open energies that love connection and exchange. The harmonious alignment of Mercury to Saturn makes it a great time to build through social activities and … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 5.11.20

Explore the idea of new business partnerships today, Cancer. Saturn will be moving retrograde for the next 4 and a half months. This is a time to revise what was left behind or not made conscious since the beginning of February until now. Look deeply into how you create and hold structures. This can give … Continued

@KnowCancer Wknd Scopes 5.9 – 5.10

Reach out to your groups this wknd, Cancer. Mercury comes into an uplifting alignment with Pluto and Jupiter, helping us find more flow amidst the current worldly upheaval. Answers may start to come, from the media, from your relations, or from within. Listen consciously, without needing others to tell you what to do. This is … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 5.8.20

Follow your inner rhythms today, Cancer. The Full Moon energy is still present while the Moon enters the expansive and forward moving sign of Sag. We may be feeling lighter right now, making it a great time to start shifting and uplifting any conflicting energy that may have come up yesterday. Positive transformation is available … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 5.7.20

What can you do to let go of resentment and fear today, Cancer? The Full Moon in the powerful sign of Scorpio happens at 6:45am EST, just 4 mins after Mercury comes into an uplifting alignment with Neptune. This is a great day for creativity, communication, and spiritual pursuits. Our words can come from deep … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 5.6.20

Your creativity is high today, Cancer. The Moon enters the intense sign of Scorpio, making it a great time to listen to yourself. Your intuition is so wise, all you have to do is give yourself the chance to really listen and trust it’s guide. The power that you need to conquer your life dwells … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 5.5.20

Be caring and nurturing today, Cancer. The Nodes of the Moon enter the Gemini/Sag axis for the next 20 months. This sparks a time to revise our beliefs, in order to shed those that no longer have the power to sustain our life force. It sparks a time to open to the new and forge … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 5.4.20

Do something beautiful for you home today, Cancer. The Moon enters the mirroring sign of Libra, and Mercury and the Sun meet in the juicy sign of Taurus. This is a good time to speak up. A good time to speak words of love. It’ll be easier to bring our message out and to inspire … Continued

@KnowCancer Wknd Scopes 5.2 – 5.3

Let loose this wknd, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in the ritualistic sign of Virgo, and Venus comes into a tense alignment with Neptune. We may feel more vulnerable when dealing with others. Try to bring awareness to where your feelings of service are coming from. Giving is so beautiful, just make sure you’re not … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 5.1.20

Take a risk today, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in the attention seeking sign of Leo and aligns with Mars. Listen to your inner drive. Find a balance between following your impulses and being considerate with others. It’s important not to lose your temper, because you might say things you don’t mean. Make space to … Continued