Know yourself.

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 9.4.19

Tap into your creative process today, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in the transformative sign of Scorpio, and Venus aligns with Neptune reminding us not to wait for others to express their love in order for us to be loving. It’s time to extend our love out into the world no matter what. You can … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 9.3.19

Make space for play today, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in the intense sign of Scorpio. Mercury merges with Mars and the Sun, compelling us to bring forth all we have to say and give, and doing so with extreme originality and creative force. If you’re feeling a bit too intense lately, it’s because you’re … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 9.2.19

Ground deeply into your sense of belonging today, Cancer. The day starts out on a gracious note with the Moon in Libra and ends off in a more of an introspective mood when the Moon enters Scorpio. The Sun merges with Mars bringing out what has been dormant in us. Stay present to how this … Continued

@KnowCancer Wknd Scopes 8.31 – 9.1

Your thoughts can become clearer through dialogue, Cancer. We start the wknd on a practical note with the Moon in Virgo, and by Saturday night a more sensual mood kicks in when the Moon enters Libra. The alignment between Venus and Saturn, and Venus and Saturn, and between Mercury and Uranus spark a shared atmosphere … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 8.30.19

Communicate your emotions today, Cancer. The New Moon in Virgo is happening at 5:38 am EST. This is a wonderful time for ritual, to connect to Mother Nature and to what makes us a part of her. Reflect on what you want to do with what you’ve been harvesting during the past 6 months. Which … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 8.29.19

Self-worth is in order today, Cancer. The day starts out on a creative mood with the Moon in Leo and ends off on a more down-to-earth note when the Moon enters Virgo. Mercury joins in on the five body stellium of all the personal planets in the ritualistic sign of Virgo. Prepare for tomorrow’s New … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 8.28.19

Do something loving for yourself today, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in the creative sign of Leo, while Mars aligns with Uranus sparking in us a healing power and an intuitive awareness of knowing when to stop, and when and how to move forward, in the face of resistance. Your beliefs are probably undergoing some … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 8.27.19

Honor your place in the world today, Cancer. The day starts out in an imaginative and empathic mood with the Moon in your sign, and ends off on a more flirty and joyful note when the Moon enters Leo. Ceres aligns with Chiron bringing vision and meaning beyond the old structures that are crumbling all … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 8.26.19

Express your feelings through your actions today, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in your sensitive sign, while Venus aligns with Uranus offering us creative ways to be in relationship. Make this time about brainstorming new ways of being in relationship with yourself and others rather than dwell on what isn’t working. Open up to expanding … Continued

@KnowCancer Wknd Scopes 8.24 – 8.25

Be with your feelings these days, Cancer. We start the wknd on a light and playful note with the Moon in Gemini, and by Sunday afternoon we begin to head into a more sensitive and emotional mood with the Moon in your sign Venus merges with Mars on Saturday offering a fresh beginning for our … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 8.23.19

May your words shine today, Cancer. The Moon enters the connecting sign of Gemini, while the Sun and Juno enter the practical sign of Virgo. So, we’ve just entered Virgo season, which is a perfect time to tap into the wisdom of nature and the value of being ritualistic within our life and our business. … Continued

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 8.22.19

Seek empowering connections today, Cancer. The Moon hangs out in the sensual sign of Taurus, and the Sun merges with Juno, ushering in an awakening from the imposed ways of depersonalization, where we’re capable of tapping into the multidimensionality of independent creative thinking. It’s time to seek supportive environments where your creativity can snowball. Find … Continued