@KnowCancer Daily Scope 1.28.21

Happy Full Moon in Leo, skymates!  This is a powerful time for us to collectively reflect on what we’ve manifested since Leo Season 2020, particularly when it comes to increasing our self-confidence and letting our talents shine. Cancer, since your sector of security and abundance is activated by the Full Moon, get ready for a financial windfall to enter your life soon. This is doubled by the fact that Jupiter and the Sun align today in your sector of outside resources, inheritance, and merging. A very prosperous partnership could be entering your life quite soon. You deserve all these blessings, and more!

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 1.27.21

Skymates, for the past few weeks Venus, the Planet of Love, has been in the grounded sign of Capricorn, teaching us how to cultivate more patience when it comes to love and money. Now that we’re in the final stretch of this transit, we may be reflecting on key themes Venus helped us learn this month. Cancer, since we’re one day away from the Leo Full Moon, your emotions are heightened, and your partnership sector is activated by Venus in Cap. Get ready for a grand declaration of love coming your way in the days to come — or alternatively, you may be the one who makes the declaration to someone special soon.

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 1.26.21

Today’s astrological weather is charged with electric, rebellious energy. It may be more challenging to focus on every day tasks — all signs will be feeling an urge to break free from the status quo. Specifically for you, Cancer, since the Moon is now in your sign, you may be able to tune into the subconscious thoughts of those around you. But avoid making assumptions about how they feel about you just because you’re able to sense their energy. Let their actions show you what’s up, especially since Mercury Retrograde starts soon, making it an ideal time to be aware of patterns that either harm you or benefit you.

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 1.25.21

The Moon starts off void in Gemini this morning, making it an ideal time to tie up loose ends on fun tasks rather than start something new. Then once the Moon shifts into Cancer later today, we’ll collectively be feeling heightened sensitivity and emotion. Cancer, the Moon in your sign will have you feeling yourself, and as we approach the Leo Full Moon, you may be in the mood for a makeover, or a personal do-over in a certain area of your life. The key is to be honest with yourself about what feels stagnant, and don’t be afraid to switch things up until you feel activated again. 

@KnowCancer Wknd Scopes 1.23 – 1.24

With Mars and Jupiter having recently squared off with each other, and the Moon being in Gemini as the weekend begins, we may collectively feel like there’s so much we want to do this weekend. But it’s important for us to focus on what truly matters. Cancer, this weekend you may realize that you’re in the mood for more support from your community, but you haven’t been able to fully express that need yet. The Gemini Moon is encouraging you to vocalize your desires instead of expecting people to be mind readers. It may feel weird at first, but with Venus currently in your partnership sector, your requests deserve to be honored and heard.

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 1.22.21

With the asteroid Ceres making a square to the lunar nodes today, we are being asked to make sure we’re not overextending ourselves in the name of generosity. It’s important to give to others, but it’s also essential to make room to receive. Cancer, you’ve been learning how to set boundaries and be more clear about your needs. But there are times when you still attempt to please others through what you can offer to them. Today, find ways to redirect that energy towards yourself first and foremost. What have you been wanting to gift yourself lately?