@KnowCancer Daily Scope 4.13.21

Cancer, tap into your spirit. Today the same fiery and proactive energy that surrounded our last New Moon continues, as the Sun comes into a harmonious connection with Mars. This beautiful planetary energy might feel like a sword of light slicing through the last weeks of (comparative) confusion. Cancer, the Sun in Aries shines rays upon our unique and individual experiences. Suddenly, we matter the most again. Meanwhile, Mars in Gemini opens us up to an abundance of new options, possibilities and potential pathways for achieving our dreams. For you this beautiful energy infuses your sector of spirituality and higher meaning. If you tune into these vibes, you’ll be feeling more connected than you have in weeks. Let gratitude and positive emotional states lead you into a place of intuitive receptivity. As a water sign, you are one of three ‘signs of spirit.’ You are deeply connected to the world, and the beauty that flows through it.

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 4.12.21

Cancer, are you overextending yourself? Today asteroid Juno stations retrograde in Sagittarius. Juno tends to represent commitment, as well as partnership-style (romantically or otherwise). This means themes like cohabiting, co-parenting and collaborating. Cancer, whilst Juno is retrograde, we’re invited to question our reasons for being in a partnership. We’re asked to reconsider if our relationships are balanced, if our needs are being met, and if our commitment is returned. For you Cancer, this raises themes of ‘self-sacrifice.’ If you carry any patterns that lean towards neglecting yourself at the expense of others… it’s time to amend them. Remember: we do in fact help others, by helping ourselves first. If you’re not in a position to help without depleting yourself, there is no reason to feel any guilt. Trust the universe in its ability to support you (and anyone else) by providing limitless alternate solutions.

@KnowCancer Wknd Scopes 4.10 – 4.11

Here’s to new beginnings Skymates! Cancer, this weekend we have the first New Moon of the astrological year, in the zodiac’s initiator sign; Aries. If there were ever a time to take action… this would be it. The potent energy of the ram reminds us to take charge of our lives and to always, always lead with courage. This is a strong cycle where we’ll be naturally re-evaluating our relationship to ourselves. It’s a time particularly ripe with opportunities of change. Cancer, this weekend is perfect for looking at the areas of your life that you’ve been deliberately avoiding. It’s time to take action on changes that need to be made – you know, the ones you perhaps haven’t yet found the willpower for. Life can seem like a never-ending and overwhelming process, but remember… it gets better as it gets better – and the world really is your oyster lovely Cancer. Ruled by the moon, this will be a particularly powerful time of manifestation for you.

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 4.9.21

Cancer, clarity is coming. Things are looking up! Today the planets auspiciously shine down on us, with Saturn coming into a harmonious connection with the Lunar North Node. Saturn represents the structures of our lives, as well as ambitions and long-term goals – while the North Node tends to point us in the direction of our destinies. Today we’ll be feeling a sense of lightness and ease in our path of progress. Our next steps will seem clearer, easier and closer than ever. Lately you may have been feeling inner confusion, too much mental chatter or overwhelm. To feel more grounded, today you can begin to shift your awareness to your relationships, rather than your inner world. As a water sign you’re not a fan of small talk, and that’s totally okay dear Cancer. Connect with friends or family on a deep and personal level instead. You might just receive some inspiration.

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 4.8.21

Today will feel like a sigh of relief Cancer. Today is one to start shifting your gaze inward, as tomorrow marks the Dark of the Moon period the last three days of the Lunar cycle. This time creates a spaciousness for the upcoming Aries New Moon (the first of the astrological year). Astrology is the study of natural rhythms and cycles, one of which is the lunar cycle. The DOM is a time to go inward, and to face the shadows we carry. Its energy carries a quiet, healing wisdom. These deep lunar energies will feel like home for you dear Cancer. This is a time where you’re given full permission to launch into your inner world and stay there. Embrace it. Turn your gaze away from the external and move inward. Swim in your own mysterious depths and prioritize doing so. If you have any plans you’re dreading, postpone (or cancel) them. Also, pay close attention to any intuitive seeds of inspiration which may arise. Focusing on them will help bring them into fruition with the birthing energies of the upcoming New Moon.

@KnowCancer Daily Scope 4.7.21

Cancer, back into the subconscious we go. Fresh approaches and opportunities are brewing today, as the Aquarius Moon joins the planet of expansion, Jupiter. This planetary connection means we’ll be receiving synchronistic signs that remind us of the needs of our emotional realms Cancer. If you’ve been experiencing a discrepancy between your inner and outer worlds… today you might just receive an epiphany or new ideas on how to bridge them. Cancer, this all moves through your sector of the subconscious. Carl Jung taught us how our subconscious fears almost always drive our actions. If it feels right, try to reflect on how and where this happens in your own life. Today is one to go deep. If you’re truly honest with yourself, what decisions have you made from fear, rather than love? Journaling or creating a video diary will help your reflections emerge and flow. Remember, taking responsibility for your inner growth in this way is an act of ultimate self-love. You deserve it.