Know yourself.

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 6.3 – 6.9

Expand your mind and your social circle this week, SkyMates! The Gemini New Moon on Monday ushers in stimulating fresh starts in learning, communication, and collaboration. Your eyes open to the many options before you to share & build, which can feel a bit dizzying. Try to remain tethered to the facts and your unique … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 5.27 – 6.2

How can you bring your actions into further alignment with your goals, SkyMates? The week begins with an urgency to take action toward revelations discovered under the Scorpio Full Moon on May 18. React to your evolved truth by simplifying and following through on final decisions. This is a powerful time to focus on completing … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 5.20 – 5.26

Open your eyes to the infinite potential around you, SkyMates. The week begins with Venus parallel to Uranus, attracting you to romance and creativity outside of your usual radar. Revelations of Saturday’s Scorpio Full Moon shifted your perspective in ways that now reveal possibilities that you hadn’t even imagined for someone like you. Make room … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 5.13 – 5.19

Keep an honest dialogue going with your intuition this week, Skymates. The Sun forms a quincunx to Jupiter on Monday that brings you to a crossroads moment along your path. New clarity around values, money, and access now complicate a former assumed normal in your life. Trust yourself to evolve as you define your beliefs. … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 5.6 – 5.12

What would you do if you had no fear? Who could you be if you committed to exploring your infinite potential? These are key themes on our mind as we begin a new week, skymates! Simplifying makes room for you to feel free and confident this week. The recent New Moon revelations continue to wash … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 4.29 – 5.5

It’s officially retrograde season, which is an absolutely normal astrological phenomenon that there’s no reason to freak out about. This week’s about mellowing out and trusting your instincts as you intentionally create the life of your dreams. Embody bold bull tenacity as this next phase of retrograde season demands your dedication, Skymates! Saturn begins a … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 4.22 – 4.28

Put your money where your mouth is this week, Skymate! On Monday, the Taurus Sun aligns with Uranus, planet of progress and technology, inspiring rebellious growth spurts in relation to material wealth. You’re updating your personal sense of value to reflect your evolved priorities. This new level of awareness interrupts your daily habits, sparking an … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 4.15 – 4.21

The Moon moves into Virgo on Monday, encouraging persistence and attention to detail. If you find yourself overexerting your energy, stop to ask yourself why. Organize and simplify parts of your life that feel chaotic. When Mercury enters Aries on Wednesday, you’re eager to seek conclusions and resolutions. It comes naturally to explore uncharted territory … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 4.8 – 4.14

As the week begins, you’re still processing discoveries reached under last friday’s Aries New Moon. Inspiring revelations that first intimidated you now actively pull you out of your comfort zone. It surprises you just how confident you feel stepping into the unknown. Lean into your bravery when it taps you on the shoulder. Extend yourself … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 4.1 – 4.6

Open yourself up to spontaneous adventures, Skymate! Mars moved into Gemini on Sunday, inspiring a craving for variety and freedom in your life until May 15. It will take some extra effort to buckle down and see projects through to the end with how many new & different ideas are constantly popping into your head. … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 3.25 – 3.31

Shine bright, Skymates! An optimistic Sagittarius Moon lights a fire under you to build active momentum in this first full week of the Astrological New Year. Revelations from last week’s Libra Full Moon continue to sink in as you get accustomed to a balanced new rhythm of reciprocity in relationships. Continue forward with spring cleaning … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 3.18 – 3.24

Happy Astrological New Year, skymates! The reserved sensitivity of Pisces season fades away as Aries season lights a flame of renewed vigor across the skies.Ready to begin anew? The reserved sensitivity of Pisces season fades away as Aries season lights a flame of renewed vigor across the skies. In astrology, the new year begins on … Continued