Know yourself.

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 10.28 – 11.3

Stay alert & adaptable during this last Mercury retrograde of the decade, Skymates! Transformational New Moon energy guides you through the week. This is a game-changing moment of self discovery, and you are prepared for all that it reveals. Be honest about areas of excess in your life, and commit to working toward balance. Lean … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 10.21 – 10.27

Follow the call of emerging passions, Skymates! Emotional intensity builds throughout the week, leading up to Scorpio season beginning on Wednesday & then a New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday. Be assertive about releasing outdated obligations and tying up the loose ends of Libra Season. Shallow connections and pursuits lose all relevance, falling away to … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 10.14 – 10.20

Release and recenter, Skymates! Transformative energy of Sunday’s Aries Full Moon remains strong through thursday, so roll with instincts to plan ahead and make productive lifestyle changes. Jupiter forms a challenging sesquiquadrate with Uranus on Monday, finishing a set of three occurring in 2019. The first two took place on January 9th & June 6th. … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 10.7 – 10.13

Let yourself get carried away in a wave of passion, Skymates! Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday, inspiring you to explore new heights of pleasure, creativity, and desire. You are drawn to relationships and experiences most resonant with your purpose that push you to dig deep. You are impatient with shallow pageantries, preferring instead to stand … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 9.30 – 10.6

Speak loud and clear on what matters, Skymates! New beginnings bloom throughout the week, empowering you to create balance that truly works for you. Consider your commitments and stay willing to make assertive changes that better reflect your evolved priorities. In negotiations, unapologetically champion your vision. Communicate your goals and boundaries before diving into new … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 9.23 – 9.29

Trust your recent evolution to interact with the world, Skymates! Libra season begins on Monday, awakening the social animal within. As revelations of self sink in, you embody a natural confidence. You see the beauty in your surroundings and in other people, and are proactive to build upon what brings you joy. Resist lingering instincts … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 9.16 – 9.22

Shed patterns of shame and fear to make way for confident self-mastery, Skymates! Early this week, wade through game-changing new truths revealed to you under last Friday’s Full Moon with an open mind. Within this new knowledge, you find freedoms you hadn’t even known to claim in the past. Previously overlooked possibilities now present themselves … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 9.9 – 9.15

Commit to seeking balance between peace and passionate productivity, SkyMates! Early this week, finish out projects strong that are currently in progress. Trim areas of waste or distraction. Reach out to have important conversations you’ve been thinking over in your head. The culmination of recent discoveries comes in handy as you confront uncertainty with a … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 9.2 – 9.8

Enjoy the delicious rush of protecting your focus with a vengeance, SkyMates! Take advantage of the potent lingering energy from last Friday’s Virgo New Moon by setting aside time to zero in on specific intentions for the coming 6 months. A Scorpio Moon beginning on Monday night roots this moment in an intense commitment to … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 8.26 – 9.1

Channel your passionate focus wisely, SkyMates! Virgo energy’s been building momentum over the last week, inspiring you to apply discipline and discernment where it counts. A compassionate Cancer moon early in the week impels you to consider others’ needs and experiences through it all. A window into someone else’s perspective can guide you to game-changing … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 8.19 – 8.25

Go for quality over quantity as you aim high, Skymates! An Aries moon lights a fire under you early this week to follow through on Full Moon revelations and end Leo season with a bang. Before you bound forward full speed, take your time zeroing in on your priorities. Give your all to one central … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 8.12 – 8.18

Reconnect with your motivation & momentum, Skymates! Jupiter, planet of abundance and wisdom, stationed direct on Sunday after a 4 month retrograde that began on April 10. The same day, Mercury moved into Leo and Uranus stationed retrograde. During Jupiter retrograde, hindrances to your mobility pushed you to reflect on the path of your growth … Continued