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@KnowAquarius Daily Scope 10.15.19

Several harmonious alignments occur today between Mercury, Venus and Pluto, and this allows humanity to breathe easy after the tumultuous Aries Full Moon. Today’s vibes are about embracing the magic of sensitivity. Aquarius, things are lining up for you, especially the more you dive into your spiritual journey and focus on healing childhood wounds. Today … Continued

@KnowAquarius Daily Scope 10.14.19

The Moon shifts into Taurus today as we kick off the last full week of Libra Season. We’re collectively coming down from the high of the Aries Full Moon and grounding ourselves in this new consciousness. Aquarius, it’s a powerful time to dive into a creative pursuit. You’ll feel inspired and motivated. Just create for … Continued

@KnowAquarius Wknd Scopes 10.12 – 10.13

This weekend, the Aries Full Moon dominates the cosmos, and its union with Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, indicates that we’re all going to be dealing with surprises left and right, catching us off guard and testing us. Aquarius, this is a major time of ascension for you. You’re learning how to share your mystical … Continued

@KnowAquarius Daily Scope 10.11.19

We tend to feel full moon energy most intensely in the days that precede it, which is why we are collectively feeling both amped and drained, to varying extremes. Aquarius, the more honest you are with yourself, the more honest the world will be with you. You can be a changemaker and revolutionary being if … Continued

@KnowAquarius Daily Scope 10.10.19

Today is 10/10, which is a powerful date astrologically and in numerology. It symbolizes divine alignment and synchronicity. It’s one of the most magical days of the month for us to collectively get clear about what we desire. Aquarius, you’ve been in your own world since Uranus began its retrograde on August 11, working behind … Continued

@KnowAquarius Daily Scope 10.9.19

The Moon shifts into Pisces today, and when you combine this watery energy with both Venus and Mercury being in Scorpio, we’re collectively feeling more imaginative, intuitive and sensitive than usual. Aquarius, you may be feeling inspired by the Pisces Moon, as it helps you understand that spiritual wealth is the most valuable currency of … Continued

@KnowAquarius Daily Scope 10.8.19

Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, shifts out of its home sign of Libra and enters the penetrating waters of Scorpio for the next few weeks. Life’s about to get sultrier, sexier, more mysterious and passionate. Aquarius, you may feel inspired to deepen the amount of energy you give to certain creative and professional … Continued

@KnowAquarius Daily Scope 10.7.19

There’s a Full Moon in Aries taking place this Sunday the 13th, and we’ll collectively feel its mounting energy all week long. Aquarius, you may feel like switching things up in terms of your personal appearance this week. You’re going through a spiritual transformation so your external looks will also be evolving. People may attempt … Continued

@KnowAquarius Wknd Scopes 10.5 – 10.6

Now that Mercury, Planet of Communication, has been in Scorpio for the past 2 days, we’re collectively starting to pick up on our own shadow side and that of others. Mercury will remain in Scorpio until December 9, so there’s no escaping our own depths, skymates. Aquarius, this weekend the Moon will shift into your … Continued

@KnowAquarius Daily Scope 10.4.19

Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts out of Virgo and enters airy Libra for the next six weeks. Laughter, flirtatiousness, creativity, beauty and social connections all become accentuated themes in the cosmos at this time. Aquarius, you may be offered an exciting opportunity under this transit — one that allows you to expand your current … Continued

@KnowAquarius Daily Scope 10.3.19

Now that Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, has ended its five-month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, humanity is looking back at its successes and challenges from the past five months and collectively saying “whewww, chile”. Aquarius, you are a different being now that both Saturn and Pluto have left your spirituality and healing sector. … Continued

@KnowAquarius Daily Scope 10.2.19

The Moon shifts into fiery Sagittarius, helping humanity break free from the shadowy depths of the Scorpio Moon and rise as a collective into a more optimistic headspace. Pluto also spends its final hours retrograde today, marking the end of retrograde season. Aquarius, your heart has been heavier these past few months with Saturn and … Continued