How The Signs Can Ignite Their Inner Revolutionary

written by KTZ astrologer Deria; artwork by KTZ astrologer Emily Wills

With a global pandemic putting many of the world’s economies on pause, major cities on lockdown, and medical facilities at capacity, there is no denying that 2020 is set to be a year of great change.

COVID-19’s quick and widespread movement has shocked government leaders and public health experts alike but many astrologers have been warning us that this year would be instrumental in accelerating the crumbling of outdated structures and systems that have controlled the world order for centuries.  Our KTZ podcast on the 2020 Ascension touched base on such themes, for example.

At the start of the year, there was a huge bunching of outer and inner planets in the sign of Capricorn which symbolizes the tradition and material habits of our ancestors and is often associated with the father. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, has been transiting Capricorn since 2008 and will remain there until 2024. The emphasis of Saturn and Jupiter joining this slow-moving planet in January signifies some impetus to the long and arduous fall of white-supremacist capitalism and cisheteronormative patriarchy.

Revolution is not a one time instance, rather it is a series of overlapping generational arches and stretches of time made up of many actors and events. In the words of Aquarian science fiction author, Octavia Butler, the only constant is change. But with the shift of planets the rate of that change can be expedited or drastically prolonged. 

“We are living in strange times” is a popular phrase we have been hearing as of late and no one knows strange like the rebellious, swift-thinking sign Aquarius. On March 22nd, Saturn the Planet of Structure and Discipline moved into Aquarius and earlier this week was joined by Mars, the planet of drive and ambition. The sun in the impulsive house of Aries adds emphasis to this conjunction, suggesting that the rate at which we see our lives change will be as rapid as fire spreading through a wild forest. 

Aquarius is group-oriented, technological savvy, and future-bound. Saturn and Mars conjunct in this air sign fans the flames by demanding us all to act quickly and innovatively in the interest of the collective. And so far we have picked up the call. We are organizing mass strikes, online jam sessions and learning spaces, encouraging one another to #stayhome, creating beautiful art together, and redistributing funds to the most vulnerable through mutual aid projects. 

There will be no waiting. Saturn will be in Aquarius for three months before moving back into Capricorn until December of this year. This time can be astrologically described as an opening and a glimpse at how each of us can take part in shifting our world from a profit-driven resource hoarding society to a more love-organized, life-valuing, egalitarian one. 

Below is a brief guide for each sign to tap into their inner revolution with tips on organizing areas to take an action in, where to start their political education journey, and revolutionaries that share their sun sign. The future is now, skymates.

Aries: The Disruptor 

Aries, we need your warrior spirit and more than likely you have already begun to take action without hesitation. You are a passionate and energized community member who is not afraid to stand on the frontlines of strikes and protests because you are not afraid to speak out against your company’s maltreatment. You will take the risk when you find a fight worthy of your fire. You may be the first person to ask neighbors if they need support with groceries and organizing rapid response kits. To channel this energy, look to your creative and galvanizing power. You cannot lead alone so trust others to hold and support you. Make the call and the right people will come running. 

Aries Revolutionaries: Walter Rodney, Bayard Rustin 

Political Education: Self-defense, Organizing a strike, Preparing response kits

Taurus: The Stabilizer

Taurus, how many times have you texted your group chat “we will get through this <3.” You are the community member who holds a calm for your community because you are grounded in the earthly knowledge that we have all we need to get through. Abundance is your middle name. To ignite your inner revolutionary it would be helpful to share your steadfast beliefs and your unwavering commitments with your loved ones. You model for your community the importance of holding onto the good things, the urgency of prioritizing self. Rest is revolutionary. Joy is revolutionary. Listen to your body and let it be your guide. The future will be luxurious cause there is more than enough to go around.

Taurus Revolutionaries: Malcolm X, Grace Jones, Lorraine Hansberry, Kathleen Cleaver 

Political Education: Herbalism, medical industrial complex, food justice, burnout culture 

Gemini: The Communicator

The revolution is humorous, or as bell hooks says “We cannot have a meaningful revolution without humor.” In a time where we can easily sink into despair and dread, we need your wit and light to remind us of the absurdity of it all, Gemini. Laughter is your medicinal power in addition to your knack for disseminating useful information. Your supreme communication skills and effortless charm will prove to be indelible to connecting your community members to the right resources including other community members. You can really ignite your inner revolutionary by digging deep into your heart to discover your guiding truth. It is that truth that will help you commit to the work with verve.

Gemini Revolutionaries: Che Guvera, Kendrick Lamar, Tupac, Erica Garner, Eric Hobsbawm 

Political Education: Pod Mapping, Pan-Africanism, political comedians 

Cancer: The Healer

The revolution will be loving. Cancer, you have probably made tons of phone calls and sent millions of texts to your loved ones checking in on them to make sure they have everything they need to survive the pandemic. Like the Cancerian revolutionary, Assata Shakur who volunteered her time with the Black Panther breakfast program, it is important to you that your community is fed. Picking up groceries for the elderly, leaving food packs for the homeless, or organizing food drives for queer and trans folks is just a few ways you can be found supporting the most vulnerable. You can intuit our most basic needs and demand reciprocal systems of care from all. To really ignite your inner revolutionary, make a habit of doing personal capacity check-ins to ensure you are pouring from a full cup and not exploiting yourself to tend to others. 

Cancer Revolutionaries: Franz Fanon, Assata Shakur, Sylvia Rivera, Nelson Mandela 

Political Education: Community care, inner-child healing, Black Panther Free Breakfast Program

Leo: The Actor

Leo, your big heart beats for the collective good and it is your mighty presence that will see us into radical healing and transformation. With your lyrical speeches, commanding poetry, and boisterous chants, you will be at the core of this movement inspiring each of us to take up the mic ourselves and lead our communities to new horizons of love and generosity. To ignite your inner revolutionary, it is important that you get playful and listen to the younger you who is not the least bit amused by outdated top-down styles of leading but rather is supported by a circular, egalitarian approach. Power is most useful when shared, when we join hands and fight together.

Leo Revolutionaries: John Africa, Fidel Castro, Marielle Franco  

Political Education: decentralization, horizontal leadership, Black feminist theory 

Virgo: The Organizer

Virgo, you are the community member that knows that if we do not show up for one another no one else will, especially not the state. So you show up in service with diligence and a clear sense of duty, often doing the tasks that no one else cares to pick up, but the menial thrills you. You do these tasks like organizing all membership information, sending out info emails, or making phone calls with reverence and without asking. You love digging into the details of a fundraising or outreach strategy to ensure that your goals are met effectively. To ignite your inner revolutionary, centers humanity instead of profit. There is no room for hard work that continues to hold up crumbling empires. Look around you and see the wild vision of love that is coming into form around you.

Virgo Revolutionaries: Kwame Nkrumah, Marsha P. Johnson, Paulo Friere, Sonia Sanchez 

Political Education: Socialism, Interdependence, radical forgiveness 

Libra: The Harmonizer 

Libra, symbolized by the scales of justice, you believe deeply in harmony and balance.The question of restoration is at the center of your motivations as a revolutionary. One of your greatest tools will be your knack for hosting and love of art and culture. Hosting a fundraising party or DJing an online kickback for your comrades is just a couple ways you will use your artisan skills to affect change. Venus ruled, your aptitude for romance and ability to weigh all the options would make you a great mediator. To ignite your inner revolutionary, commit to being fair to your comrades instead of liked and praised by everyone. This will help you stay true to yourself and the fight for an equitable world.

Libra Revolutionaries: bell hooks, Nat Turner, Fannie Lou Hamer, Winnie Mandela   

Political Education: restorative justice, accountability processes, relationship anarchy 

Scorpio: The Transformer

Scorpio, your revolutionary superpower is your desire and capacity to go to ends that many others will not face. You are not afraid of the dark, of death, because you are intently aware that what lies on the other side of those depths is a beautiful future we all deserve. This makes you a powerful healer that is keen on the wounds and traumas that many of your comrades are holding. This also makes you a great facilitator as you can hold, move, and transform multiple energies in the room. To ignite your inner revolutionary, you must learn to trust your comrades and allow them to go through their own process of healing. We all confront change differently, but one must choose their ascension.  

Scorpio Revolutionaries: Nawal El Saadawi, Bobby Seale, Barbra Smith 

Political Education: healthy detachment, abolition movements, healing justice 

Sagittarius: The Story-Teller

You are the political educator we all need. The professor who is just as deeply committed to teaching as they are learning. You can often be seen traveling from space to space sharing your wisdom and stories which effortlessly weave together universal lessons of humanity, fear loss, triumph, and love. To ignite your inner revolutionary it is important for you to ground your lessons in accessible language that can be digested by the masses. Think of fun and engaging ways that you can impart this information whether it be through a card game or a tik-tok. Your undying optimism is going to see us through these times of dread and your wild stories of adventure will remind us to keep our eyes up ahead.

Sagittarius Revolutionaries: Thomas Sankara, Shirley Chisolm, Ella Baker 

Political Education: pedagogy of the oppressed, global capitalism, indigenous languages 

Capricorn: The Builder 

Capricorn, we need your determination and get it done attitude. Unlike Leo who is at the front of the show, you are the leader that takes a more behind the scenes approach to movement work. You are a skilled strategist who can foresee the systems needed to ensure a nationwide bailout is successful. Your excellent management skills and solution-oriented nature position you as a foundation builder. Without a sturdy foundation, the movement could be wiped out with swiftness. You work to make your ancestors proud honoring their legacy by integrating their traditions into the rituals and habits of your community. To ignite your inner revolutionary, you must remember that emotions are a valid source of information in system building. If your comrades are overwhelmed, anxious, or defeated they are less likely to show up to organizing meetings or go out and do an action.

Capricorn Revolutionaries: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Michelle Obama, C.L.R. James, Afeni Shakur, Muhammad Ali 

Political Education: Disability justice, emergent strategy, care labor  

Aquarius: The Awakener

Aquarius, you were born for revolution. During this time you may have been putting together theories and presenting cool evidence charts to prove to your community that capitalism has and will always fail us. And while making your claims against the state you are working diligently with your comrades to imagine and build a new future. Your strong point in this time will be facilitating group conversations, leading online design projects, and offering vision prompts. To ignite your inner revolutionary you must make your fast thinking/processing accessible to the people. To do this be honest and vulnerable about the many feelings of fear, compassion, and hope you hold which are motivating you towards a more equitable future.

Aquarius Revolutionaries: Angela Davis, Audre Lorde, Huey P. Newton, Bob Marley 

Political Education: Afro-futurism, Race & gender bias in artificial intelligence, queer theory 

Pisces: The Dreamer

Pisces, we need your idealism. You are the dreamers of the zodiac who believe deeply in the grandest visions of love. You are the artisans who preach through song, through dance, through visuals. You spread the hope of love to everyone you meet and those who witness your creations. You art heals us all. You remind us to drop the logical and lean into the deep unknown but widely felt and shared experience. You want to hold hands and chant with your comrades because you know the power of touch. You want to do sing-alongs because you know the power of harmonizing. You say the prayer and offering, you sage the space, you call on all spirit guides and angels to protect the movement. You connect us to our life source. To ignite your inner revolutionary, lean on your comrades for support with the details, allow them to help you put your dream into practice. 

Pisces Revolutionaries: Rihanna, W.E.B. Du Bois, Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone, Claudia Jones, Myrlie Evers–Williams

Political Education: pleasure activism, communal living, Black anarchism

We hope this guide can help you ignite your inner revolutionary. Spread the love and share with your fellow skymates who may need some motivation. One of the best ways to better know yourself and what ignites your revolution is to get a personalized, in-depth Birth Chart Reading. We’re offering 20% off yours when you use the code “awaken” at check-out. You’ll receive your reading within 10 business days as a PDF sent to your inbox. A sustainable, life-long investment in your awakening, knowledge of self, and healing. Enjoy!

KnowPisces Scope May 25 – 26

Pisces, Jupiter may have just shifted out of your sign but this certainly doesn’t mean the magic is winding down. Over the few days we have some powerfully harmonious planetary conversations between the Moon, Sun and Venus. Pisces, as these are activating Aries energy, you’re invited to focus your magic on yourself. As a highly empathic sign, you may have a tendency to put others before yourself – whether that means carrying unnecessary burdens, or simply taking in too much of the energy of those around you. Today, the universe is reminding you to bring it back to yourself. Your planetary ruler (Neptune) continues its long transit through your sign – evoking a signature of magic that’s particularly accessible to you. This makes it easier to focus your awareness on the refuge of your inner world, your connection to spirit and your creativity. Let these realms provide you with guidance, healing and empowerment.

KnowAquarius Scope May 25 – 26

Discernment is key Aquarius. We’ve entered Gemini season, which can be a fairly mentally active time. Venus sitting in Aries, is reminding you to focus on your own inner world – while Mercury retrograde’s shift into Taurus adds a focus on your immediate environment and physical health. There’s a reminder here from the universe to stay mindful. It’s a particularly powerful time to step back from drama and negativity. Even if it feels kind of ‘good,’ serving as a distraction from your own challenges – ultimately this impacts you even on the subtlest of levels. The Scorpio lunar south node is making the shadowy aspects of life all the more compelling – but ask yourself what you’re really getting out of engaging with things that leave you feeling disconnected. This could be a good time for a tech detox, or to pick up some new and healthy habits.

KnowCapricorn Scope May 25 – 26

Capricorn, communicate! Over the next few days you have a beautiful opportunity to get anything that needs dissolving off your chest. If you’ve had anything nagging at you, that needs to be clarified or communicated now’s the time. This could mean with colleagues, friends, family or partners. A harmonious connection between Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in your sign is one that invites powerful and healing conversations. The universe is inviting you into a place of trust and vulnerability. Know that expressing you truth wholly and fully, will align you with what’s rightfully yours Capricorn. People aren’t mind readers, and so very often our obstacles to progress are ones that can be resolved through healthy communication – or by simply asking. You don’t have to carry your burdens alone, lovely Capricorn. Reach out and share.

KnowSagittarius Scope May 25 – 26

Sagittarius, go easy on yourself. The moon moving through Aries brings back inspiration and momentum to your life… and with its meeting of Venus: a reminder to be gentle with yourself. The sign of Aries (a fellow fire sign) is all about pace and action, and you’re here for it. When it meets Venus though, we’re invited into a space of slowing down, being present and finding gratitude for the moment we’re in. Sagittarius, the universe is reminding you that faster, or higher – doesn’t necessarily mean better. Rather, if we look at the term ‘progress’- it’s pretty subjective. Rather than focusing on lack or your life’s ‘flaws,’ pay close attention to the ways that you’re killing it. Notice the ways that you’re blessed, content and joyful. Like attracts like, and paying attention to the positive energy in your life… will likely bring in more of it.

KnowLibra Scope May 25 – 26

Libra, the sun’s entry into Gemini has meant that life’s flowing more harmoniously for you. Some of the denser, more stagnant or slow-paced energies are being broken up and dissolved into lighter ones. This will be a good time to explore your interests and follow your path of curiosity with no reservations. If you’ve been meaning to join a class, study or simply watch a documentary on something that sparked your curiosity – now’s the time! Gemini carries a mutable and multi-faceted energy that aligns quite perfectly with yours. It’s reading multiple books at the same time, engaging in four different text conversations and multi-tasking. Using your brain to its fullest capacity is going to feel both enriching and inspiring during this time. Enjoy!

KnowVirgo Scope May 25 – 26

Virgo, the moon (ruler of our emotional worlds), is going on a journey through Aries. You’ll likely experience an influx of uplifting energies due to its harmonization with Saturn, and its meeting with Venus. This could feel like the puzzle pieces of your life starting to fit together Virgo. If you’ve had any loose ends or question marks, pay close attention to what’s being wrapped up. With the powerful eclipse energies drawing to a close, you’ll likely be receiving some closure and ‘full circle’ dynamics. If this unfolds, be present and find gratitude for all the mini journeys that make up your path. The Moon will go on to evoke a more challenging energy with a tension to Pluto in Capricorn. This could raise themes like unhealthy power dynamics, limiting beliefs and fears. Be present and gentle with yourself Virgo – it’s simply time to practice radical self-love.

KnowLeo Scope May 25 – 26

Leo, the moon’s in Aries and you’ll be feeling it. You might notice a spark of momentum, or and fire returning. If you’ve been feeling lethargic, unmotivated or just over it – this may just start to shift! Venus is also in Aries, further reigniting your passion and awareness of the beauty that surrounds you. Let’s be real, there’s been a fair amount of emotional intensity with the eclipses that just passed… as well as mental confusion – with the ongoing Mercury retrograde. Yet, the energies are starting to feel a little more fluid. Gemini season brings you some interesting shifts in perspective. As a mutable sign, it invites you to move and consider life with more flexibility. Things will not always go your way, but if this ‘way’ is less clearly defined, you’ll be more likely to notice the magic in all that does unfold.

KnowCancers Scope May 25 – 26

Cancer, the sun in Gemini may have you feeling a little scattered. If you’ve been finding it difficult to focus on one task at a time – you can attribute this to the planets! Rather than getting too fixated, it may be worth surrendering to the process. The universe invites you to listen, observe and flow in its many (different) ways. A clue arises with Mercury shifting into Taurus. Try and consider the ways that you can calm and nurture your nervous system, through ‘simple’ actions like getting enough rest. Life may not look as shiny as you’d like right now Cancer – but you’ll always be able to access moments of deep peace, magic and clarity. Plus, your ruler (the Moon) is about to meet Venus in the sign of Aries. This will feel like a spark of beauty and celebration; a reminder that you’re a powerful creator – capable of creating the life of your dreams.

KnowGemini Scope May 25 – 26

Gemini, you’ll be feeling gooooood. We’re now solidly in your season and Mercury retrograde has shifted out of your sign. You’ll likely be feeling lighter with each day surrounding your solar return. There can arise a sense of nostalgia or sadness around this time – as well as a looking back at the past. Yet, a harmonious connection between the Sun in your sign and the Moon in Aries will bring you back powerfully into the present. You’re at the start of a new chapter, with your next trip around the sun. How and what it looks like from here, is totally up to you. This blast of fiery energy will remind you of your power, and from here: the sky’s the limit. You and your journey are worth celebrating. Plus, as you cultivate this mindset, you’ll notice everything in your life tends to flow more seamlessly…

KnowTaurus Scope May 25 – 26

Taurus, the next days bring you a powerful opportunity to heal. Mercury retrograde has just shifted into your sign. This means that for you, the spotlight is on your self-reflection, identity and healing journey. You might be noticing areas where there are incongruencies between your external and internal worlds. Because Mercury is connecting harmoniously with Pluto in Capricorn, you may experience the shadowy side of your career/finances/relationship to authority figures. Taurus, this may not feel comfortable, yet the healing nature of this planetary alignment reminds you that it’s only by illuminating discomfort, that you’ll be able to invite positive change into your life. Otherwise, it will remain unconscious, continuing to impact you with recurring themes. Remember: ignoring the ‘bad,’ vulnerable, and unpleasant aspects of your journey means you’ll be unable to understand them deeply enough to alchemize them into light. Paying close attention to your discomfort and your accountability for it, can be a highly empowering thing.

KnowAries Scope May 25 – 26

Aries, the moon in your sign is stirring up some powerful energy over the next few days. Because the moon reflects our emotions and inner worlds, you’ll be going on quite the inner journey! First, it harmonizes with Saturn in Aquarius. You might experience this as a sense of belonging, or an ‘aha’ moment relative to your work and role within society. The moon then moves on to meet Venus (the planet of love and beauty), who also currently sits in your sign. This is an empowering signature which you may experience as a feeling of abundance, deep gratitude, and/or confidence. It could be time to shoot your shot, or if you’re not quite there – to reflect on what you’re calling in as a vibrational match. Are you surrounding yourself with the kinds of things (or people) that you want to see more of?

SMscope May 25 – 26, 2022

The Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Chiron are all in Aries this Wednesday and Thursday, Scorpio! Big Mars energy will be coursing through you. If you’ve been wanting to get back on a workout routine or health regimen, these may be the days to get started, because you’ll be feeling more ambitious and committed to your fitness goals. But you may also run the risk of overworking yourself with this fiery energy, so schedule periods of rest throughout your days this Wednesday and Thursday. You may be making immense progress at work, but make sure it’s not at the expense of your psychological or physical well-being. Also make sure that you’re not using productivity or being busy as an excuse to avoid intense emotions coming to the surface, or important conversations that need to be had.