@KnowAries Weekly Scope 8.9 – 8.15

Aries, passions have been high in your relationships lately, avoiding your tendency to fuse with your romantic interests will fair well right now. It is okay to want to fully immerse yourself into your romantic encounters, but codependency does not take the place of true intimacy in partnerships. Spend time with individuals that see you for who you are, not who they want you to be. Celebrate with them because working on yourself should be fun and exciting, not a chore. Make your health and wellness needs a priority this week. When Mercury moves into Virgo on Wednesday, you will feel compelled to set new inspirations for yourself. Sit down and formulate a plan before jumping swiftly into action.

@KnowTaurus Weekly Scope 8.9 – 8.15

Rejuvenation should be on the agenda this week, Taurus. The new moon in Leo on 8/8 has illuminated your need for rest and is asking you to tend to your home and domestic life. Do what you do best, Bulls! Indulge in your creature comforts, but only at the start of the week; this will help direct that fiery energy into some self-care. Later in the week, Venus forces you to transfer that energy from your internal world and focus it outward on your fate, passions, and adventures. On Wednesday, try something new, exciting, and different! Been learning about a new country, try cooking one of their traditional meals or mix things up with your S.O. by going on an adventure. This energy is all about shaking off limiting beliefs and flowing with expansion, not resistance. If you could embrace your fullness, how would your world expand?

@KnowCancers Weekly Scope 8.9 – 8.15

You are manifesting communication and collaborations for the unlikeliest of sources! But to use these connections to your advantage, you must remain aware and receptive to the insight coming in. This week’s transits are activating your 2nd house of possessions and your 3rd house of communication. The way you make a living may come under question by those closest to you. They don’t seek to judge, so try not to take things too personally; later this week, when Venus squares off with Uranus, and the moon moves into Scorpio. You may receive the right information to decipher the answer you were looking for, Cancer.

@KnowGemini Weekly Scope 8.9 – 8.15

You’re feeling expressive this week, Gemini. When was the last time you truly let your guard down and let our emotions run the show? When you get the urge to show some vulnerability this week, embrace it. Your 4th sector of home and family and foundations is being lit up by Venus, Mars,, and Mercury, guiding you to renew your safe space. Make sure you feel at home in your home, clear out the old stagnant energy of past people and situations to reconnect with your whole essence. Once you’ve revitalized your energy, the messenger planet will start bombarding you will get ideas to reconcile with your innermost circle. Deepen your connections by sharing your heart, Gemini.

@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scope 8.9 – 8.15

Now is the time for you to toot your own horn, Scorpio! The 8/8 Leo new moon is exalting your 10th house of career and reputation; it’s your time to shine. No longer will you hide in the shadows. You deserve major recognition for your accomplishments, and you will get it. Don’t wait for the promotion; ask for it! Once Mercury moves into Virgo on Wednesday, you should receive fresh insight and perspectives to craft the perfect case to impress your manager. Let the phoenix soar throughout the rest of Leo season. Set your sight on what is next for you and move towards it ferociously.

@KnowLeo Weekly Scope 8.9 – 8.15

What a way to come out the gate swinging, Leo! The sun is exalted in your sign, of course, but you had the audacity to have your new moon conjunction with the mighty 8/8 lions gate portal. Talk about bragging rights! No one can touch you right now, Leo. You are on FIRE! But did we really expect anything less from you? Continue to build upon this excitement with direction, Virgo’s upcoming transit assists with planning and keeps you from burning out. Don’t make quick agreements in your career or finances too hastily. It would be best if you kept a level head since you’re already gassed up.

@KnowVirgo Weekly Scope 8.9 – 8.15

Hey Virgo, visualize this picture with me. There you are, standing in front of a mirror looking at the reflection, but you don’t recognize the person staring back at you. How could that be? When you continuously show up for others, you can forget to show up for yourself when you need to. Your 12th house of the unconscious is being illuminated by the sun and moon, while Mercury’s transit highlights your 1st house of self into your sign on Wednesday. Shake off the expectations of those around you and focus on embracing transformation. Your inner wellbeing is more important than external validation.