January 20 - February 18

KnowAquarius Scope January 30 – 31, 2023

The Moon’s in Gemini as the month of January ends, and when the Moon and Mars are both in Gemini we collectively feel more mentally active and somewhat restless. Aquarius, this energy activates your sector of true love, fate, and creativity, which means you’ll be in more of a happy-go-lucky mood as the week begins, or you’ll be able to tap into that mood in the coming days. You’re encouraged to let your inner child take the lead during this full moon in Leo week — what have you been wanting to do this year, especially ever since the Aquarius New Moon took place two weeks ago? It’s time to prioritize your inner child’s blIss. Sign up for that art or improv class. Start writing that screenplay. Live the life you know you want to live!

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KnowAquarius January ’23 Scope

Key themes: Deep rest, dreams, efforts that feel good in the long run, indulging your curiosity, exploring your inner world.

Happy New Year Aquarius! 2023 wants you to take care of yourself. Listen to what your soul is in need of for your personal growth to thrive. You care so much about others and about the collective needs. The more you take care of what your inner world is longing for, the more available you’ll be for the causes that move you.

The year kicks off with Venus, the Goddess of Love, joining forces with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, in Capricorn on January 1st, right before she moves into the sign of Aquarius on the 2nd, where she’ll be hanging out until February 20th. The year starts out with a check in regarding how our intimacy is impacted by the structures that are falling apart and transforming all around us. Dedicate the first day of the year to rest, relax, unwind, be with yourself if it’s what you’re in need of, or with the ones you feel safe with and that accept you when you come as you are. As Venus moves into your sign, you’ll be able to get clearer about what you need in order to feel safe and comfortable letting another person into your life and into your intimate spaces.

On January 6th we have the first Full Moon of the year in its home sign of Cancer, happening at 6:08 pm EST, highlighting and intensifying your emotions when it comes to your work and health routines. This Moon shines a light on the advancements that you have been able to make by tending to the tasks at hand, and what you’re able to create with consistent effort. You’re learning how to best nurture your work and your daily routines, pay attention to how things feel, and follow what feels good.

As Mars goes direct on the 12th, if a new love interest or multiple ones are sliding into your DMs, stay open to where this journey can take you. When it comes to your art or your creative self-expressions try new things, whatever you’re being called toward. You don’t have to take a class or be an expert to experiment and play with new techniques and mediums. This is a time for explorations and curiosities that bring joy and pleasure. Face that fear of giving into the thrill of the new.

Mercury retrograde comes to an end on the 18th, and so the messenger goes direct in the sign of Capricorn, activating new conversations and reviving the exchanges that might have brought up miscommunications or misunderstandings. What do you feel has been left unexplored when it comes to your inner landscape? This is a wonderful time to activate intimate conversations, with yourself, with your emotional landscape, with the griefs that still live within you. It’s a good time to start therapy.

On the 20th, we welcome Aquarius Season, followed by the New Moon in the same sign, happening on the 21st at 3:53 pm. This is your time of the year. You’ll feel in your element. Allow yourself to move thoroughly through the processes that are calling to you. This is a time of renewal for you. It’s not a time to please others. Release the need to know how or with whom things will work out. Instead, focus on the direction you’re feeling pulled towards at this moment. This is what will lead you to the best place for you to be. Then on the 22nd, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, will go direct in Taurus, and this will be even more felt. Ask yourself, what you need within your home in order to be able to put more of your focus into your path and your calling.

Venus will enter the dreamy sign of Pisces, where its energy is exalted, on the 26th. Themes of compassion, unconditional love and intimacy through spiritual connections will be present for us all until February 20th. And for you, this will be especially present within your financial life and sense of self-worth.

About Aquarius

Element: Air

Mode: Fixed

Ruling Planets: Saturn, the Planet of Challenge & Uranus, the Planet of Surprise

Where Youll Find Them: Hacking a website, filming a documentary, planning a revolution

What They Avoid: Following the rules, mushy-gushy relationships, petty drama

Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac, is known as the Water Bearer because its all about the transmission of elements and information. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius knows how to remain focused on a project that will benefit something larger than their own self. Aquarius is the innovator of the zodiac, always ahead of the game, which is why they may feel like a misunderstood loner at times. At other times though, Aquarius knows how to put on their social hat and live it up it all depends on their mood.

Aquarius has a knack for technology that makes them a natural entrepreneur and creator. They would thrive as a techie, marketer, journalist, business person, activist, grassroots organizer and politician. Aquarius is known for having progressive and unconventional thoughts and ideas, so not everyone will necessarily be on the same page as them, and they really dont mind. Aquarius often paves their own professional trajectory. They dont necessarily view formal education as the main means to an end. Theyll create their own legacy based on their true interests, which are varied and changing. Aquarius does excellent work on their own, but they are also incredible leaders and collaborators.

Friendship is Aquariusforte, because they are quite observant creatures and they love to figure out what makes people happy and what makes them tick. So while Aquarius can sometimes purposefully get on your nerves just for fun, they also know exactly what to do or say to make you explode in laughter or to dry your tears. Aquarius is the kind of friend who will actively come up with solutions to your problems, as long as your problems arent super emotional or dramatic. Being an Air sign, Aquarius feels most comfortable in the intellectual world, and theyd benefit from befriending more sensitive types who can help them tune into their intuitive world. When Aquarius combines the intellectual with the emotional, they become unstoppable.

One thing Aquarius must learn to do in order to boost their love life is not fear their emotions. Aquarius tends to intellectualize their sensitivities and even hide them behind a mask of indifference. This is due to the fact that falling in love or even the concept of intimacy can make Aquarius a bit too uncomfortable they feel more at ease with friendship than love. Nevertheless, Aquarius is a sapiosexual, meaning theyll fall in love with your mind first. The key to an Aquariusheart is to be knowledgable, intriguing and curious. Aquarius will want to dive into your being if you can keep them interested and thirsty for knowledge. And while Aquarius will always seek freedom and independence in their relationship, they still make their lover their priority, in their own way. Everything about Aquarius is done in their own way, and that simply cant be changed.