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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 11.26 – 12.2

Lock in your game-plan for working toward longterm goals, and leave some room for spontaneity! Adventurous Sagittarius energy dominates this week, urging you to be proactive about your trajectory. On Monday, the Sun is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. Optimism, luck, and generosity are heightened across the skies, so don’t be shy about pursuing what matters … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 11.19 – 11.25

Prepare for adventure this week, Skymates! Sagittarius Season begins Thursday the 22nd, and a Full Moon in Gemini occurs the next day. The emotional intensity of Scorpio Season challenged you to face and define unrealized realities beneath the surface. Your perspective is forever elevated. After periods of urgent focus on exploring the depths of hidden … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 11.12 – 11.18

It’s the first full week of individualist Sagittarius being in Jupiter, the planet of abundance, so embrace your ambition and make power moves! Get your message together and any structural planning out of the way early this week, as things get dreamy approaching the weekend. Mars enters intuitive Pisces on Thursday the 15th, where it’ll … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope: 11.5 – 11.11

Embrace transformation this week, Skymates! Innovative Uranus enters Aries Tuesday, and an expansive New Moon in Scorpio occurs the next day on Wednesday the 7th. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, returns to its ruling sign Sagittarius on Thursday. This is no time to cling to comforts that block your growth. Take initiative to ride waves of change … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope: 10.28 – 11.4

This week is about taking mindful action in response to truths illuminated by last week’s Full Moon in Taurus. Epiphanies that were at first more abstract, now take tangible form as you discover expansive options before you. Next steps are within reach, so be mindful as you make active decisions. Acknowledging your goals is only … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope: Oct 15 – Oct 21, 2018

Welcome to the last full week of Libra Season, skymates. The main theme will be prioritizing harmony and inner peace in your life. Venus, the Planet of Love, has been retrograde since October 5, teaching us how to restructure our relationship with ourselves and those around us, so that our ideals, needs and values are … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope: Oct 1 – Oct 7

The main astrological event of the week is the fact that Venus, the Planet of Relationships, Money and Attraction, begins a 5-week retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. It will be retrograde in Scorpio from October 5 – October 31st, and then retrograde into Libra for the duration of its transit. This means that matters … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope: 8.6 – 8.12.18

2 eclipses down, 1 more to go! This Saturday, August 11, we’ll experience the final eclipse of 2018 — a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo! This will end eclipse season with a bang, and allow you to celebrate the milestones that have manifested in your life ever since the first eclipse of January 2018. … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope: 7.30 – 8.5

Congratulations on making it through the second eclipse of the month. July 2018 has been a doozy of a month, with two eclipses and multiple planets retrograde teaching us hardcore lessons about patience, perseverance, and releasing what we’ve outgrown. This week, the Moon is waning, and so are you, skymate. While Mars and Uranus do … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope: 7/23 – 7/29

This is your universal wake-up call that you’ve been doing the most. You deserve a break. Your body, mind and soul want you to rest. That is the most powerful form of self-love you can give yourself right now. We are in the midst of an eclipse passage, and Mercury Retrograde begins this week. This … Continued

KTZ Weekly Horoscope: 6.4 – 6.10

This first full week of the month of June is about prioritizing your objectives, getting more clarity in your life, and absorbing the enlightening lessons from last week’s Full Moon in Sagittarius. We’re in the midst of Gemini Season, so it’s normal to feel a bit all over the place and restless right now. It’s … Continued

KTZ Weekly Forecast: February 19 – February 25

This first full week of Pisces Season is all about letting yourself dream, relax, sleep, and fantasize… The Sun in Pisces’ energy will help you let out your creative, daydreaming side and not care so much about life’s practical details. Last week’s eclipse was about reconditioning your mind so that you don’t sweat the small … Continued